[Is the potato germinated? Can you eat it if you cut it?]Recommended diet

[Is the potato germinated? Can you eat it if you cut it?]Recommended diet

Potato is one of the foods that people often eat in daily life, and it is loved by men, women and children.

In winter, due to the cold weather in the north, the land can no longer be cultivated. Many people choose to hoard a large amount of food such as cabbage, radish, potatoes and so on to prepare for a long winter.

However, potatoes are not easy to be stored, and it is easy to grow pre-sprouts.

Can the potatoes that have sprouts still be edible?

1. Will the potato with fine sprouts grow out?

Even if the sprouts are removed, the potatoes cannot be eaten.

Potato is a kind of food to resist pests, and it will produce some toxic substances. In order to protect yourself, the most effective one is called solanine.

Growing sucking potatoes will produce a large amount of solanine. Solanine has a certain effect on the central nervous system, the motor system, and the respiratory system of the human body, and has a certain paralytic effect.

If a sprout of a potato grows, the base of the sunflower will slowly penetrate into the whole body of the potato, so even if the sprout of a potato grows, it is recommended that you do not eat it even if the sprout is removed.

2. Harm of solanine in germinated potatoes to human body.

Eat a small amount of germinated potatoes. A small amount of solanine in potatoes will not harm the human body.

However, if long-term consumption of germinated potatoes or a large amount of germinated potatoes is consumed, solanine will exert a certain medicinal effect and cause certain harm to the human body. Consumers may have sore throat, sore throat, vomiting and diarrhea, stomachThere is a burning sensation in the part.

In severe cases, it can also cause brain edema, which has a certain paralytic effect on the respiratory system.