“Nothing,I forgive you,As long as you help me get the sword back!”Mo Xiaosheng said。

“This one……I can’t do anything,The sword is in Zhang Dashao’s hands,I don’t know where he is……”Old Xu’s eyes rolled,Said embarrassedly。
“Brother Xu,You are dishonest!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled faintly,The voice fell off,Hand suddenly stretched out,Grabbed Old Xu by the neck,Cold voice:“Although Zhang Yihong likes ancient swords,But he doesn’t know how to maintain this ancient sword,Must have someone to help him regularly,And this person should be you?Otherwise, how could he keep supporting you willingly?!”
Old Xu blushed when Mo Xiaosheng was pinched,Hastily patted his arm,Plea。
“Don’t want to suffer,Just answer me honestly!”Mo Xiaosheng sternly warned,This loosens his neck。
“Brother Mo,I really didn’t mean to lie to you,Zhang Dashao is like a baby with that sword,Hid in a house specially,And put it in a heavy safe,Except that I regularly take care of him,No one else let it go,You just go,Can’t get it。”Old Xu gasped for breath,Go on,“And there are at least a dozen guards in his house,All have guns,You may not be there yet,Was killed!”
Old Xu made a gun gesture with his hand,Said in a true manner。
“I am dead or alive、Whether you can get it is my business,Just tell me where I am!”Mo Xiaosheng frowned and said coldly。
“it is good,I tell you,On Liyuan Road338number……”Old Xu didn’t hesitate this time,Answered honestly。
“Really?”Mo Xiaosheng raised his brows after hearing this,I can’t believe this old fox。
“Really!”Old Xu nodded vigorously。
“I believe you!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled,Speaking, he patted his left chest。
Old Xu suddenly felt a tingling in his chest,Hurriedly touched his left chest with his hand,Startled:“you……What did you stick in my chest?”