Luo Shangzhong sees Gao Zishan’s clothes are soft,Suddenly got more energy,Chong Gao Zishan continued to roar,”This is Lao Tzu’s home。Is also the home of Lao Tzu’s daughter,When does Yilin want to come,Come anytime,It’s not your turn to be here!”

Luo Yilin glanced at Luo Shangzhong,Although he knew that Luo Shangzhong was trying to please himself,But she still feels very comfortable,At least suppress the arrogant arrogance of this woman Gao Zishan。
Mo Xiaosheng raised his brow and glanced at Luo Shangzhong,Quite surprised,I wonder if this Luo Shangzhong really repented?!I even knew to speak for my daughter!
Gao Zishan said nothing,Let Luo Shangzhong pretend to be forced,Because she was afraid that Luo Shangzhong would divorce her in anger,To know,All of their family property,Almost all registered under Luo Shangzhong’s name。Once divorced,She may not get anything,And it might be cheaper for Luo Yilin this little bitch!
“And you,What was your attitude toward your sister just now?!”
Luo Shangzhong scolded his son with a calm face,”Hurry up and apologize to your sister!”
Lori gritted his teeth tightly,Head down without speaking。
“I’m talking to you,Are you deaf?!”
Luo Shangzhong raised the volume。Roared。
Lorikuan’s body shivered suddenly,Seeing my mother did not speak,Only then stood up very reluctantly,Head down,Said to Luo Yilin,”Correct……Sorry……”
“Who are you talking to!”
Luo Shangzhong rushed over in two quick steps,Kicked Lori’s wide leg,Scolded,”Call sister!This is your sister!”
Lori shook his head broadly,Whispered,”sister……”
“Forget it!”
Luo Yilin interrupted him coldly,Shen Sheng,”I’m in this world,Only my mother is a relative!”
Luo Shangzhong’s expression instantly changed when he heard this,I know Luo Yilin said this to him on purpose,He suddenly turned green and white,A little embarrassed little voice,”Yilin,Dad knew it was wrong,Dad, sorry for you and your mom,These two years。I have been reflecting too,you……Forgive me this time?!”
Luo Yilin sneered,Chong Luo Shangzhong said coldly,”My mother and I have suffered for more than ten years,You know it’s wrong,Nothing else?how,Me and my mother are in your eyes。Is it really so worthless??!”
“Yes,Yes,you are right,I’m not human,I owe you both mother and daughter!”