The damage of this method is not talking about。They are in the Haizong,I really want to search for the soul. I can only find the head of the Haizong and the old man.,Things will be big;Furthermore, they will probably learn about 枝 沾 沾 妖……no。

Xiao Yan smashed the sword in the hand,Re-release,Conception on the face:“no。”
Temperature derived『dew』Disappointed『color』:“Since you have admitted,After returning to Zongmen, I will tell the head.,Self-defending punishment。This time,You need to be cautious,If there is an error,I can only take the lead to send you back。”
Xiao Jo:“……Yes。”
and many more?
It seems that it is not right.?
“Why do you want to punish Xiao’s brother??”
Yan Zhi suddenly felt that he did not actually participate in this conversation.,She didn’t understand。
Warm derived looks in painfully,Lip slings,I didn’t say half words.。
Advisor『Insert』Knife,Cold eye:“He makes the right thing to do so.,Isn’t it punished??”
Obviously, I know that I know the mating of 枝。
Yan Zhi is more sleepy『Confuse』,『fan』茫 中 中:“Xiao Shi brother is doing something?Is it a madness??”
Xiao Jo:“?”
Three people look closely,Yan Zhi once again felt the suffocation of the throat:“have、Is it wrong??”
The consultant is gave up in a high meeting.,Expression is very strange:“Do you think we are talking about??”
枝:“Because Xiao Shi brothers are drunk, they must punish his business.?”
She left my heart,No matter what is bad,Don’t take the initiative to say the demon on the stars。
Wen Yan’s brain is not coming:“Isn’t Xiao Shi, who didn’t be very good for you last night??”
“Although Xiao Shi brother, I knees.,But I didn’t leave when I played him.,This should not be worthy of punishment.。”
Moderate:“……beat?You are actually fighting last night.?”
竹 听 端 端 端 问 问 端 问 端 端 端 端,Flying fast,Shunshui boating,“I know that the same private hob is not allowed.,Wen Master is to punish Xiao Shi brother,I should be the same punishment。”
Wen Yan is weak and less helpless『force』,The heart is very moving『swing』ups and downs,It’s hard to accept heavy facts,I am not a misunderstanding that I am not talking about the duck.。
He can’t buffer,God『color』Nodded,Only:“So this is ah……It seems that it is misunderstood.,False field。Fortunately, fortunately。”
Advisor,Holding the arm of the arm,I’m approaching this,I am very short to look at her.,It’s straightforward and quickly exhausted.。
Yan Zhi did not determine whether he saw a kind of warning from his eyes.,Or is he just just to confirm that she is not true?。
Consultant,It is said to Xiao Zi.:“Since you are just private land last night,Xiao Shi brother,Why do you want to eat dumb?,Acknowledging that you have done a matter?”