“You go down.!”Tang no trace。

“Yes!”Tang Pharmacy and Tang Dynasty,The two turned around the Hall of the Hidden King。
“Thank you master!”Tang no trace respectfully。
“Home has a family rule,People feel,I can’t destroy my family regulations.,Don’t expel the family of people who have truly contributed to Tang family.。”Tang no trace carrying the double hand:“No shortage of,Hello, let’s it.,Young people do not take out the resources of the family can go out,And sometimes walking farther,I heard that Lin Feng is not the same.?”
“No shortcomings!”Tang。
“As long as you know,Anything in the outside world,I don’t want you to intervene.。”Tang no trace:“Go http://www.soaptown.cn back to cultivate!”Tang Dang no trace turn left。
Tang has no shortage of lacking in the main hall,The breath on the body is getting weaker,Half time,There is no one in his body.,His whole person is a lot of aging.,Hair is completely white,Like a seventh year old old。
Martial arts abolition,Vitality。
a long time,Tang’s unliked body trembled,He turned over and went out of the Hidden Hall of the Hidden。
“Father!”A shadow came over,This person is not someone else,It is when Tang Xichuan sees his father’s figure.,His heart is sad,Can’t help but tears,He hurriedly helped。
“Silly boy,People must speak in this life,I don’t regret any!”Tang’s unlocked focus on educate their son smile:“Learn to Xiaofeng!”
“I know my father.!”Tang Sichuan red eyeway。
“Let it go,Help me back,I am not very good now.?Go back to drink http://www.skinfactory.cn drink,Read book,Practice word,What does it?,There is another thing,Xichuan,Master Qinglong Shang Director is old Tiantong and those little brothers to funeral,You go to me to burn paper.,Tell a few old age,I can’t move.。”Tang no shortage of white hair,He spoke a bit gasping.,The eyes are bleak。
NS390chapter Conflict after the funeral
“I see,Father!”Tang Sichuan supports the anti-missing arm:“Father,You also believe me,I will not give you a face.。”
“This is my good son.,I will rely on myself later.,My father can’t help you.。”Tang has no smiles on the old face。
“Father,do not worry,starting today,I don’t need any home of Tang family.,Including your home。”Tangxi-Chi-Chuan tone with proud road:“I will definitely get out of your way.。”
“This is my good son.。”Tang has no shortcomings on the face,Then he screamed:“go,Today, http://www.nashistudio.cn I will drink with you.,I have to drink a few more cups.。”
“OK,Father!”Tang Sichuan supported the story of Tang and walked out of Tang Jiabao,Careful attention。
“Really sad!”
“Actually, we borrow our Tang family’s soldiers to others.!”
“Live,Live this abolished martial arts!”
“Really poor,Originally, our Tang family’s middle flow,Now it becomes a waste.,Another no one’s waste people。”
“They finished this pulse,Thoroughly finished。”
“Tang family,Less one pulse from today,The people of this pulse will never lose it.!”
“I really don’t know if it is stupid or a fool.,Actually lending the soldiers to outsiders,God,Depend on,I have never seen it.。”
The past Tang family members discuss,Point point,Distinguished from Tang Xichuan’s father and son far away,Tangxiichuan,He clenched his fist,I want to rush to the war.,But it’s ignorant by your father.。
“Father,I can’t help but。”Blizzards are exposed on Tang Sichuan arm,Face color。
“Xichuan,The big husband is innocent,Be able to stretch,Moreover, the father is indeed sorry for Tang family.。”Tang no disappeared cough:“I should be awkward!”
“Father,I know,But you are Tang family……”Tang Xichuan heard the father’s sentence,He finally can’t help but tears。
“Census column?Just passed。”Tang:“All right,Let your father go back,I can’t move.。”
“Yes,Father!”Tang Xichuan hurriedly kneel down。
Tang has no shortage of Tang Sichuan,The figure after Tang Sichuan flew down along the mountain road,The voice of the discussion is gradually far away.。
Next day,Tang Sichuan is directly flying directly to the current province.。
Native province,Net mountain city,Here is the home of the headquarters of the Daisu family departments.,Their headquarters have a mountain,It is the net mountain。
Net mountain high kilometer,Scenic。
Sunset,The top of the net mountain is standing,Tombstone is engraved in the name of Cheng Tianlong and other Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Before the menses, a black dress。