[Cold Snake Skin]_Snake Skin_How To Cold_How To Cold

[Cold Snake Skin]_Snake Skin_How To Cold_How To Cold

In fact, snake skin can be used to cook delicious food, and cold snake skin is a more common way of eating. Because snake skin is relatively twisted and chewy, if you eat it in cold form, the taste will be even more delicious.difficult to forget.

First, the main ingredients of vegetable bile snake skin: 200 grams of snake skin, 150 grams of vegetable gall, 50 grams of preserved vegetables, 20 grams of chives, 1 red pepper.

Ingredients: minced garlic, ginger, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, clear soup, wet starch, peanut oil each appropriate amount Practices: 1, remove the snake skin scales, wash with water, cook in a pressure cooker, remove the cut pieces; preserved vegetables,Leek flowers are cut into sections; red pepper slices.

2. Set the wok on a hot fire, pour in peanut oil and cook until it is matured. Add garlic, ginger, and golden brown, preserved vegetables, snake skin, red pepper, chives and turn it upside down. Add clear soup and refined salt., MSG is burned to taste, thicken with wet starch, out of the pot and placed in a pan.

3. Cook the guts and seasoning, and place them around the pot.

Second, the snake skin cucumber Wash the cucumber, cut it into 10 cm sections, then clamp the cucumber with two chopsticks, and cut the cucumber into small slices with a knife.

Because the cucumber is clamped with chopsticks, the knife cannot cut to the end. Although the cucumber is cut into thin slices, it is still connected. After one side is cut, turn the cucumber 180 degrees and cut it in the same way. Be careful not to cut the cucumber.Do not cut both sides on the same blade.

The finished cucumber is layered spirally, but thin and continuous.

Put the cut cucumber into vinegar and other auxiliary materials (according to personal taste), put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate it in summer. The taste is better., Cooked with oil.

[Pepper Fried Snake Skin]: Fried five snake skins with red pepper, green pepper, sweet bamboo shoots, celery, horseshoe silk and other materials.