Xia Chenglong finished,Pass the previous invitation letter,Anyway, I am not afraid of the shadow,this is nothing!

The other party looked at it carefully after getting the notice,The stamps and logos above are all real,But all the students have really entered the school,There is no such person!
“team leader,Zhao Chenglong,I seem to have heard of this person!”The guy next to me reminded:“He seems to have taken a leave of absence before!”
“Zhao Chenglong……”
The captain finally rang this name,Do have such a person,But at this time his face became a little weird,As if sympathetic to him。
“Ok,Your information is correct,Should be correct,Go in with those permits!”The captain returned the notice and said!
“Thanks a lot!”
Because he was wearing a silver mask when we met,I can’t explain my identity at the moment,I can only say hello casually!
“You don’t need to thank me,I didn’t do anything anyway!”The captain doesn’t matter!
Normal world,Xia Chenglong naturally cannot be fierce,Take out a small bottle of pill from the container and pass it over:“This is a little bit of care,Can quickly restore aura during battle,Captain, take it!”
For Xia Chenglong, it’s nothing,But for others, this kind of treasure that is hard to buy with money is rare,Naturally accepted with a smile!
I was stopped after two steps,The other party took out a token and threw it over:“You gave me this good stuff,I also advise the first sentence,Be careful when you enter,Don’t mess with things that shouldn’t be messed up,See me with a sign!”
Don’t mess with people,This is a bit uncomfortable,He seems to be here for the first time!
Don’t care about it,He smiled and nodded, then headed towards the college,Ignore these!
have to say,The scale of Shengde College is definitely the largest institution he has ever seen,After walking for more than ten minutes, there is still no Peterban that the other party said!
Instead, I heard some discussions in the process,It seems that the little witch from the Han family came to the college,This makes a lot of men go crazy!
The younger generation of the Han family is called the little witch, Han Xue.,Did the other party come to the college?,I really haven’t seen each other these days,I thought it was Han Rui who sent it away because of the family turmoil!
Just thinking while walking,The commotion ahead caught Xia Chenglong’s attention!
I saw a girl from the back,Surrounded by a bunch of gorgeously dressed boys and buddies,These men look at women like they look at a goddess,Hot and crazy!