Chapter Two Seventy awkward
Fang Hao pointed to the master bedroom:“She is a little tired,Just sleep in it。”
This woman came with me。
Ye Wenwen sighed in her heart。
Although I knew it was such a result,But really faced such a situation,The mood is quite complicated。
and,A little tired,There is a lot of information in these five words。
Why tired,Tired to sleep at this time。
There are countless melee scenes flashing in Ye Wenwen’s heart。
——Is it so intense??
She was thinking bitterly。
Asked:“Then I prepare meals for three people?”
Fang Hao nodded,Stood up and hugged her again,Pat her:“Wenwen,Wronged you,Thank you too。”
Ye Wenwen feels aggrieved at the same time,I also feel warm in my heart,Red eye circles,Said:“Nothing,This is also good。”
So fine,It’s because this can take Fang Hao’s career to the next level。
This is probably the result Fang Hao hopes most。
As long as Fang Hao still has her in his heart,That’s great。
and,Fang Hao was sitting in the living room alone when he came back,Instead of staying with Guo Miaomiao in the master bedroom,This also gave her a little satisfaction。