“Mr. Gu……,what,boss,You too?Why don’t you go down and sit down?”

“Oh,Today is to talk to Mr. Gu about the open beta of the Xin system,I was afraid that you were busy so I didn’t go downstairs。”Wang Yufei greeted Ge Lingyue。
“exactly,Xin System,I just tried it below,how to say,Very useful!Especially that minimalist programming is fun。I also designed an alarm clock myself,When is Xin System going to develop the conference?I’m ready to start。”Ge Lingyue said excitedly。
Wang Yufei and Gu Bingjun looked at each other,Ok,No doubt。
Obviously the press conference is a must。
Wang Yufei never thought about this before,Mainly there are lessons from the past of the super fast virtual machine,Let him feel that once Xin system is released,Own flow,There is no need to waste money to get a press conference。
In addition, domestic companies researching new operating systems are not without,But so far I haven’t seen any company that held a special conference。
And Wang Yufei actually wants to do it firstB2B,That is to say, during the public beta, we will first cooperate with several big friends,Directly bundle products to launch the system,B2CThis direct-to-consumer model only supplements,So I never thought about holding a press conference。
The main problem is that Wang Yufei is worried that individual consumers in the public beta stage will directly use the existing products in their hands into the Xin system.,May encounter various unknowable problems,Which in turn affects the use of equipment,Security of important information。
But seeing Ge Lingyue so excited,Wang Yufei overturned his previous idea。
Or a press conference to see the reaction of consumers can also strengthen the confidence of friends?
Since Ge Lingyue thinks the Xin system is easy to use,The acceptance of ordinary consumers will not be too low,As for the possibleBUG,It can be solved in two ways。Provide a complete flashing program and a program installed on the computer on the official website。
On the other hand, the technical department set up a specialBUGResolution department,Solve various problems instantly on the forum。
It also allows the technical staff of friends to participate。