Su Luo’s mouth twitched,Tao:“It’s ok,I can continue to eat。”</p>

Teacher He on the side laughed,Wang Ruodan asked:“what happened?”</p>
Teacher He explained:“Susu just changed his bowl and trash tray,Then Da Tiantian threw the garbage directly into his bowl。”</p>
Wang Ruodan is also dumbfounding,Jing sweetly asked:“Why did you move the plate。”</p>
Su Luodao:“you are not,Is there trash in front of me to eat??So i just……”</p>
Several people suddenly realized,This is a heartwarming scene。</p>
Subsequently,Teacher He picked up the cup and looked at Da Tiantian。</p>
Jing Tian knows,This is to clink glasses with her,She picked up the cup,The two touched。</p>
Su Luo asked casually:“Have you eaten the dishes made by Teacher Huang before??”</p>
Jing Tian looked back at him,Shook his head:“No cherry”</p>
Teacher He on the side interjected:“Is it the first time I saw you??”</p>
Jing Tian shook his head,Tao:“Not that,I used to have college classmates in Nortel,I’ve been there,Met Teacher Huang。”</p>
Teacher He continued:“He was so handsome then。”</p>