What special days are there today??
The subordinate must have。
He clearly saw the star of the star『color』Turn,I can’t live in my heart.,Want to retreat,But I don’t dare to act.。
Such a demon,Be the most horrible。
At this moment,It comes over the clear call of the test mode.。
Can penetrate to dungeon,It is necessary to integrate into spiritual power。
Subordinary,Does thinking that they are going to deal with this woman’s voice that appears.。next moment,He glanced at the red blood of the stars.『color』Gradually fad,Hell Monolitone is not breathing, and it disappears.。
The star is clearly connected to the neck of the assassin.,Tone、Responding with the plenty of spirituality:“Sister,I’m here。”
Is this a nearest variation in the demon family??
How long does the situation last??
NS130chapter Chapter 130, warm water, frog
Yan Fengxing’s image before people, It is a lot of people.。Waiting for the time, unless there is something,Otherwise, you can never hear him no more than ten words.;In this situation,Don’t make it to see how intimate and amiable attitude he is.——Not as good as, If you see the sky, you suddenly swear, I have experienced all kinds of demon people likely to be aware of the awareness of fear., Think this may be a conspiracy。
“I will give you here.。”
I wiped my hand with Paga.,Turn around。
Subordinate“Yes”,I quietly looked at the eyes.,I have already seen his face has a shadow.,Calling the face is not alive。
Yan Fengxing came out from the stone door in the main hall。
Yan Zhi is standing next to the throne。God『color』Bamboo。
“Sister,what happened?”
Yan Zhi pointed to the throne,And a hollow gold leaves falling behind the throne, “I swear, I am just close., It fell by itself.。”
The throne of this symbolic special item,Damage, you will be questioned, it is interested in provocative。枝 可 没有 没有 人 下 下 下 下,Moreover, she is reluctant to be a guest, Don’t be。
Jutong sweeps an eye:“fine,No need to nervously。”
He has, Take the throne, Due to the cold:“come out。”
Gorgeous throne is illustrative, This is the success of the death of the dead.,It turned into a high person、Silver beast, Optimus,Tongye around the dark red『color』Flame。
Yan Zhi took a look at the Swiss beast of this biography:“Bamboo?”
裴 星 星 道:“Be a descendant。”
His finger touched each other’s jaw, It should be the blood of her dragon.,Therefore, this beast is close to him.。
裴 星 枝 招 招 招 招 手,Show her past:“It looks at you is a living, Deliberately,Don’t be afraid of it。”
Yan Zhi’s mind is still thinking“Bamboo”There is no future generation in the end,Carefully think,This is an empty world,Isn’t it impossible?。She reached out,I can see this beast to think that it is going to go.,Nai’s eyes are too big,This fine moves.,Seeing that Feng Xing does not have instructions,Then, I took the jaw from Yan Zhi.。
“The descendants of the 狻猊 will be here?”
The answer thought when I was exported,Nothing is to demonstrate the majesty of the demon。