Thirty years of rushing sword,After a sword,Nearly spike two pseudo-helicor,Broken arm,Hurt one person。

But this sword,Same as the essence of criminal nine。
Her mouth overflows silk blood,Go forward,Stand unstable。
Three middle-aged women behind him have rushed forward。
“leave me alone,Immediately,First kill the foreigner!”
The sin is like a beverage flame in burning,Be pleased,There is also a short。
Thirty years of rushing sword,She also imagined that there is a day to face the sword.。
But I didn’t expect it.,Also just put the shake。
“If you let them approach some, just.。”
At this time,Three middle ages have been collectively rushed to the past.。
“Ah……”Tween and surprised,Hand holds the broken arm,Pain made his cheeks twisted。
He didn’t understand how this is something.。
Tween is absolutely calculated on super masters,Even if you face real day and cave deficiency,He also has a self-confidence to compete with it.。
Don’t say battle,Unfair, there is no pressure。
Originally in his opinion,Only a woman who can barely calculate the upper half of God,Why can you sacrifice such a sword?。
See three women rushing,He has answered the pain of the broken arm,Don’t hesitate to turn around to run in the direction of the light.。
“Rock,Kill them!”
Shakes to remove blood,Face is cloudy。
Although he was hurt by the remaining wave of the sword,But there is no much impact。
after all,He is a real cave master,Instead of Spitting these pseudohends。
Think here,He is a sword in his hand,Workshoot。
However, at this time。
His figure is stiff,Be strike。
His face,Originally yin and full of killing expressions,Suddenly turned into endless fear。
In his vision,I saw the night sky,Little shining。
This light is bright,Get a size of only rice particles,It seems that the distance is very far away。
But next second,Just as if it breaks through the sound barrier,Cross the space,Greatly enlarged。
That is a long sword,Bright,Transfer a blazing cold light,As if there is endless white flame in its surface bears burning。
Is that person!Shake!It is the super power that is torquered and killing Orlando.。
Although the other party threw a spear,At this time, it is a sword.,But the shake is not affirmative,They are the same person。
The same is true at the beginning,The rush has not seen people yet.,Orlando was worn by the cave。
Shake is not a hint,Instant closed body gas machine,And the speed of your self has increased to the ultimate。
See this scene,The trembled Tween is also angry,“Rush!you……”Not finished,Stop。
Until this time,He felt a volatility that made him palpitations came back.。
He’s consciousness dodge,But this thought has just gone,I feel the cold heart.。
A sword wore a hole behind him,And the huge power is flying out, there is a hundred meters far away。
Finally, I will spooky in the ground.。
Blood splash。