Sedentary hard bench induces bone nodules

Sedentary hard bench induces bone nodules

There is a saying in Chinese medicine that “winter doesn’t sit on stones, and summer doesn’t sit on trees”, which makes sense.

In the summer season, the elderly should pay more attention when exercising or taking a cold, so as not to sit improperly and cause illness.

  ”Don’t sit in winter” is because the stone has a warming alternative, it is very cold in winter, it belongs to the evil, it is harmful to the human body, it will cause metabolic disorders, and it will especially hurt the kidneys.

“Summer doesn’t sit on wood” is because of the high temperature and high humidity in the summer, the wooden chairs and benches that have been placed in the open for a long time, due to dew and rain, have split for several times.Extremely emitted moisture, sitting on it for a long time, can cause skin diseases, hemorrhoids, rheumatism and arthritis, and also easily damage the spleen and stomach functions, leading to indigestion.

  In addition, the elderly should not sit “hard” when exercising or taking a cold.

If elderly people sit on a bench for a long time, they are susceptible to sciatic tuberculous bursitis. Ass contact with the bench will be painful and difficult to cure.

Therefore, it is best for the elderly to keep a thin cushion when they go out in summer to avoid hurting their bodies due to sitting too hard.