I’m afraid it’s even a fight in the company now,I have to stop because of this。

because,The ceiling of this place,Head of Yecheng,Coming!
“Yu Zong……”
The clerk said timidly。
“To shut up!Didn’t you see that you are talking about something now?!Even if it’s a big deal,Can’t you say it later?!”
Yu Fuhua secretly scolded this man for not having any insight。
Support said with a trembling voice:“Yu Zong……It’s a big deal。”
Mr. Yu got up and walked to the staff:“Let go!”
I have made a choice to stand on the side of money,If it is delayed to find a job for the niece of the chairman of the New Century Group,Can you afford this responsibility?
The clerk said:“The Mandarin is here……”
Everyone present was taken aback。
The Mandarin is here?
Yu Fuhua shouts out,Although my own business has made a lot of money,But compared with the Mandarin,I’m not even a fart!
Mandarin is real,King of Yecheng!
usually,I’m afraid I don’t even bother to look at myself,Why did you send someone to Yuren Group today??
So many people rushed together today,This is a bit weird!
“fast!Let this master come in!”
Yu Fuhua quickly ordered。