First0051Chapter I’m afraid you will cry

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“Joey,I said,You will be mine sooner or later。”
After Li Junyi came out of the hospital,Glanced at the photo in his hand with a calm expression,The corners of the mouth raised a playful grin,Then he got into a black car,Gallop away。
Three days later
“I’m going on a business trip again,Are you happy?”
Qiao Yiyi admires the long skirt he just bought in front of the floor mirror,And said to Mo Xiaosheng。
“Why are you on a business trip again??”Mo Xiaosheng sitting on the sofa,Gave her a look,Frowned and said,I wondered why there are so many things in this hospital,On a business trip。
“Have no idea,Who made me just hired,I have to find a place to learn more。”Qiao Yiyi feels normal,Glanced at Mo Xiaosheng,“This is the place that our director finally won for me。”
“Is it still the capital??”Mo Xiao came down vividly,After a sip of tea and asked。
“Is not,This time to Ling’an。”
“Ling’an?”Mo Xiaosheng heard this,An inexplicable worry flashed in my heart。It’s not far from Ling’an to Heyang,You can get there in tens of minutes by high-speed rail。But he thought of Li Junyi,Because that guy is from Ling’an。
“Why don’t i go with you?”Mo Xiaosheng thought for a while and said。
“what are you going to do,I’m going to learn,Not to play。”
“I’m not at home and nothing else,Just over to play,Save me at home, you are jealous。”Mo Xiaosheng grinned,Said。
“Jealous?Passionate!”Qiao Yiyi is inexplicably guilty。She said,
“Mom and Dad’s breakfast shop just opened,Why don’t you come and help?。”
“I’m fine if I don’t go these days。”Mo Xiaosheng said。
At his strong request,Qiao Yiyi had to take him to Ling’an,But the hospital only bears her own expenses,Mo Xiaosheng’s expenses need to be borne by himself。
After arriving in Ling’an,Opened a room in the hotel for two people to live together。Because the academic conference will last three days,So they have to stay here for four nights。