Li Hui has never thought of Su Qing’s price.。

He didn’t know that the drug has recently been drunk.,Su Cool does not dare to increase price。
“Su big brother,One thousand pieces,Strawberries exported have priced,One thousand pieces a pound,Even the latter price will increase,If it is five hundred,That is not to make money.。”
“Forehead,Lee brother,One thousand pieces, I am afraid that I can’t sell it.?”
Su Qing also didn’t expect it in just a year,Strawberry actually sells such a high price in the island country.。
“Um,One thousand pieces,Look at the effect,Then you put the nutritional value of strawberries out,It is best to let people strawberry with red wine to try home.,This is also a new matching method found on the island country.。”
Originally, I still want to say this.,I heard that Li Hui Feng said.,He also didn’t say more。
“Row,Then follow what you said.,But recently drunk fairy homes are booming.,Li Lai has time to run a time.。”
Su Dado encountered trouble?”
Li Hui, listen to Su cool, this,I know that the drug aware should be pressure.,After all, he also heard that the drug has been expanding.,He also reminds Suyang not to be so urgent,I look like now, he is worried about what happened.。
“Hey-hey,Not a big trouble,But I am afraid that I will become a big happening in the past.。”
Now, Su Qing is also said that Li Xianer’s efforts to run intoxicated.。
I heard that Li Xianer actually used the network economy to achieve the purpose of real economy.,Li Hui Feng is also very admiring the other party’s operational strategy.。
This is put on her body.,He will I miss any good countermeasures for a while.。
“Su Dafuo does not have to worry,We can also,But we have to change a gameplay.,Since people have rely on this fire,Let’s keep up with the wind.,We’d better innovate。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Su Yu is also smirking。
“Lee brother,I want it too,But I want to renovate the drug.,This investment is quite a lot.,And we have expanded a lot of home”Store-expanded storefront,Su Qing is also a little regret that I have not listened to Li.。
Those decoration styles are really monotonous,Li Xianer’s counterattack,Give him a lesson。
If there is no decoration,But decorate different styles,So guests will also experience different drugs.。
Think about that Su cool feels a lot。
“Su big brother,This matter is unhappy.,The thing of the decoration is also slow,We only need to pass this hurdle,It is definitely unimpeded in the future.。”
Li Hui Feng although this comfort,But he feels that it is really difficult to solve Li Xianer’s trick.。
Unless Li Xianer is wrong,I am smelling my name.,Otherwise, it is almost impossible to overwhelming.。
“Row,Then I will slowly,If strawberry is not selling,At that time, Li’s brother will do it.。”
There have been fewer things that you have to give up strawberries.。
After all, it’s too expensive.,He also has no confidence。
“Hey-hey,Su big brother rest assured,Not all exported,I will leave some specializes in drug use.,What’s more about the drug aware house is also our hearts?,It is dollar that I have to let the drug house come over.。”
“Lee brother,Now this situation has not yet lived in life and death.,However, I feel that you have to hurry after you are too busy.,Because there are many things that you need to come to solve,Han Shang’s hotel,We have closed the door.。”
I heard this,Li Hui Feng instantly thought of Han Shanshan。
“Su big brother,What is the situation in Han??”
“Forehead,I don’t know this.,However, Han Jia just said that they will pay for it.,Will not let us lose,As,Hands did not say anything。”
Chapter 913 Chen Beiji
Su Qing feels that this Korean attitude is some changes.,But change is not very big.,However, he can feel a sense of alienation.。
Li Huihe heard this,I have understood what is going on in my heart.。
“Hey-hey,Row,I am very happy to go to Han.,However, there are many things you need to handle first.。”