I only see the summer in the picture.,Slowly awkward,Completely exposed。

at the same time,Luo Gang also exposed a figure。
Whether it is the staff of the operation room,Still the http://www.52ipeal.cn officers and men on the square,All shake,Look forward to。
However,One of the following scenes,Let all people see,All have a day of the dog’s feeling。
Because in this moment,I saw the pistol in the summer lightning.,The muzzle is bright.。
All staff in the operation room stunned,All officers and men on the square were shocked。
Luo Gang has no expression,Stiff。
A group of white smoke rises from his helmet.。
Everyone watched,Data is clear。
Luo Gang,Death!
Card lock device starts。
“Take the sound。”At this time,Sitting in the most central, the elderly wearing a woven。
Everyone who wakes up quickly。
At this moment,Silent silence in the square,People look at the results on the big screen。
Simulation http://www.putao365.cn confrontation system discrimination:Luo Gang。
http://www.zx-power.cn These officers and men don’t know what kind of emotions should be used to describe the hearts of this moment.。
What they can do is looking at,The expression on the cheeks is like the first day.:complex。
A few seconds,A burst of turmoil,Noisy argument sound。
And Wang Xiaolong and other boats are a blizzard.,Curse the summer。
In their view,Summer is at all,Is weak and shameless performance。
Luo Gang is going to share the winning and negative,And the other party but the guns do not have face……Although they know,Luo Gang has no bullet。