Spring is surprised to look at this scene,New ability?It seems that there is no ovulation,Not you can fly。

But suddenly a sense of consciousness,It seems to enter another space。
Surrounded by pure yellow rays,Surrounded by Chakra,Feel more purely more purely than yourself。
“here is。。。。Revolve!not good”Spring is shocked,Hurry and control the consciousness.。
The quarter to quit, rushed to suppress the fluctuation of the revivement.,Soon,He actually received a thinking exploration,This makes him more in the heart.。
Spring is full of compression of your own,The sensation of the passing does not pay attention to。
The rays of the revivement of the eyes are dark.,It has also fallen on the jester,No fluctuations。
http://www.shanqinwang.cn “How is this going,Why is the transfusion eye??”A bright yellow light,A small figure does not understand。
Waited for a long time,Quan Wei did not feel anything,Relax。
“MD,Actually, I went there.,Fortunately, there should be no discovery.”This will happen in the future.,It is actually connected with the blind eye on the moon.。
But now people are still not big.,What should I find out??
Otherwise, he can’t hold this small body.。
Although it is possible to directly steal Chakra inside,But I don’t want to do it at all.。
In case of being discovered,Your own blind eye is sourced.,That is not directly cool.。
But it is also because of the past,So the reincarnation on the moon did not find him.。
That turn is too big.,Spring suspected,This is a concentrated previous reincarnation eye.,When you add,http://www.npeople.cn you will slowly accumulate it.。
Springs can only be missing fish,Or after that, it is manufactured.,Behind some sakes slowly disappeared in the memory of the family。
Fortunately, this time I hid.,But even if you find it.,It is not so easy to smoke the origin of your own eyes.。
The revivement is now controlled by yourself,The origin is wrapped in the yang,Contact unless direct contact,Otherwise it is difficult to extract the origin of the revivement。
Spring is not too worried。
Below you will make a division of the beast.,Quanyi took out a reel from the arms。
But I haven’t waited for him to open.,He brows a wrinkle,“That arrives so fast!”
Spring has rushed up the reel,Then hugged my love and jumped out.。
Chapter 17 return
The movie of Quan Yi is in the first time that I started to take my love.,There http://www.ds-system.cn is no hidden traces。
At that time, I have to hurry to escape.。
When leaving a distance,The shadow begins to cover your own trails.,Also changed the direction of travel。
A large number of Chakra is assigned to the shadow,Can make the shadow faster,There is time longer,Waiting for it, I can lift my love.,Pass memory back the body。
But Spring suddenly thought about what,I saw the armor of the sand that I was still falling.。
I go,I have forgotten this.。
Too small,At that time, the shadow was busy and running.,I forgot this.。