Slow lymphadenopathy in adults is often more aggressive

Slow lymphadenopathy in adults is often more aggressive

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In the past ten years, the incidence of thyroid cancer in China has increased nearly five times.

In patients with thyroid cancer, acute thyroid function is normal.

Only a few parts are abnormal, even severe thyroid cancer, and doctors may check that the patient’s thyroid function is still normal.

Therefore, judging whether the body is healthy or not based on the function of the body is biased. This is the difference between the phenomenon and the essence, which will affect the early detection of thyroid cancer.

  If the patient thinks that the function is normal and everything is fine, then it is very wrong.

In fact, thyroid cancer does a lot of evil under normal thyroid function.

And in terms of the degree of sin, it is still a plus, because it still has the suspicion of “bringing evil to others.”

Therefore, for patients, their vigilance is very important.

So, does thyroid cancer have certain symptoms suggesting intolerance?

  Lymph nodes in adults slowly swell, and often the most confusing phenomenon of thyroid cancer is the nagging around the neck.

The neck was swollen, which basically reflected the patient’s lymph node problems.

But the long aunt was too ordinary, which put cancer in a stealth suit.

If the lymph nodes become inflamed, causing sore throat, fever, and other symptoms, then the patient will surely cause awareness.

However, the lymphatic metastasis of thyroid cancer, just like the ghost in the movie came to the village, came quietly and slowly, so that the patient did not find it for a long time.

  For example, a tadpole grows on the neck, but it does not grow up continuously, and many patients ignore it. This is like the paralysis effect of “warm boiling frog”.

Because the water temperature rises a little, the frog is not aware, so the frog is boiled to death when the water is boiling.

If you put the frog in the water, it will definitely escape.

Even patients with medical knowledge are prone to make mistakes, because medical knowledge is universal, but the disease has individual differences and requires individual analysis.

  For the nagging around the neck, one day or a few days is the obvious recurrence of the retina. If the nagging does not go down for a few months, it may be a tumor.

If the unit has been in years for years, then it may be benign, but it may also be malignant.

I have a doctor friend who has a thing on her lover’s neck for several years. I haven’t managed it before because it hasn’t been anything. I don’t expect it to be cancer.

When the couple came to Beijing for a business trip, they came to see me and let me check it by the way. The B-ultrasound showed that it was a malignant tumor.

Once on the operating table, the situation was more serious than expected, and a large cancerous tumor spread to the trachea and throat.

Despite the operation, the function of the larynx was affected.

The family of the patient was distressed.

So even a doctor can be paralyzed.

  The effect of hoarseness on the larynx may be hoarseness in devastating patients, and people often feel that it is sore throat or long vocal cords.

But in fact, there is a problem with the nerves, which prevents the vocal cords from moving freely.

If hoarseness occurs in patients with thyroid cancer, it means that the nerves that have violated the vocal cords have entered the advanced stage of thyroid cancer.

The consequences are quite serious and must be completely removed.

In this case, a high level of skill is required to maintain throat function.

  Coughing up blood indicates that patients who have been admitted to the wolf, especially middle-aged and elderly patients, think that when they cough up blood, they think that there is something wrong with the lungs.

However, I did not expect that when I checked the laryngoscope, there was a tumor in the trachea. This was the cause of thyroid cancer metastasis to the trachea.

This condition is very dangerous. When the tumor gradually expands, the trachea becomes narrower, which may cause breathing difficulties. Therefore, it must be treated as soon as possible after symptoms appear.

  Difficulty swallowing due to foreign body sensation in the breath. Most people think that the above problems will not be thyroid cancer. In fact, it is necessary to eliminate the thyroid factor, because only early detection will have a chance of survival.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to bring reference value to everyone’s health.