Huge amount of funds poured into new high leverage funds since 2016 to buy these stocks

Huge amount of funds poured into new high leverage funds since 2016 to buy these stocks

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  Deep V rebound!

Huge amount of funds poured in, hitting a new high since 2016!

(Attached list) Source: Data Bao original Zhang Juanjuan also opened the “buy, buy and buy” mode before the holiday. On this holiday season, may wish to look at the list of leveraged funds for your data to see if there is anyWhat market opportunities are there!

  The broad market deep V rebounded, as of the close, the Shanghai index rose 0.


Before the holiday, leveraged funds also opened a “buy, buy and buy” model. The increase in leveraged funds was considered a positive market signal.

  Liangrongying hit a new high of nearly 24 months. Since the deleveraging of the A-share market in 2018, the financing balance has exceeded 1 trillion in the past two years.

However, since September of last year, the expansion of the two financing standards began, and leveraged funds started a gradual increase in positions. Since the end of November, the two financings have gradually increased.

  Also as “smart funds”, the continued increase of leveraged funds means that high-risk optimal leveraged funds are entering the market.

On the latest closing day, the financing balance of Shanghai and Shenzhen was 10565.

1.2 billion yuan, an increase of 3 from the end of last year.


This is the 24th consecutive trading day after the return of the two financial balances to trillions on December 18 last year, which ranked above one trillion, of which the financing balance in Shanghai was 5,856.

2.6 billion, Shenzhen City financing surplus of 4708.

8.6 billion yuan.

  The latest balance reached a new high of nearly 24 months, of which Shanghai’s financing balance reached a new high of nearly 20 months, and Shenzhen’s financing balance reached a new high since 2016.

  Twelve industries have increased their positions by more than 5% since the beginning of this year. From the perspective of the industry, there are 25 industries in which the A-share market has a financing balance of over 10 billion and 5 industries in excess of 50 billion., Financing balances were 103.7 billion, 894.

300 million and 732.

900 million yuan.

  Compared with the benchmark at the end of 2019, only the financing balance of the non-bank financial and steel industries declined slightly; at the same time, the financing balance of 12 industries increased by more than 5%. The transportation industry was the first, with the latest financing balance totaling 216.

USD 7.6 billion, an increase of more than 10% compared with the end of last year; the second is the financing surplus of the light industry manufacturing industry, which increased by more than 9%; the electronics, defense industry and computer industry’s financing surplus increased by more than 8%.

  The Securities Times and DataBao statistics show that from December 27 last year to the present, the financing balance of 11 industries has increased positions for 4 consecutive weeks, including electrical equipment, electronics, computers, communications and so on.

  From the perspective of individual stocks, for the latest closing day, 1073 shares have increased from the financing balance at the end of the previous year, accounting for more than 60% of the amount of the two financing targets, and the average margin increase is close to20%.
  There were 97 stocks with a margin increase of over 50% in financing balance, and a margin increase of over 100% in 30 shares.

Pharmaceutical stock Yanan Bikang has the largest warehouse scale, with the latest financing balance2.

6.2 billion yuan, an increase of 250 over the end of last year.

35%, Yanan Bikang is a pharmaceutical company involved in medicine and lithium battery business, which has been declining by 15 since January.

42%; followed by Xinhuanet, the financing balance increased by more than 2.

2 times; and Red Bean, Treasure Island, Fucheng and other stocks have increased their positions by more than 150%.

  In fact, it is not difficult to find from the data that the margin increase of the previous stocks in the increase in positions is generally increased, such as Yanan Bikang less than 300 million, Xinhuanet 6.

5 billion shares of red beans, Treasure Island less than 1 billion.

Only 13 of them had a financing balance of over 500 million and a margin increase of over 50%. In addition to Xinhuanet, there are Annie shares, Air China, and Shanghai Airport.

  19 stocks with large profits and consecutive profitable funds increased their positions and leveraged funds to increase their positions. Among these stocks, the stocks performed best.

Data Bao statistics show that the final year has been leveraged funds to increase positions for four consecutive years, the latest financing balance has increased by more than 30% compared to the end of last year, and 2019 net profit has increased by more than 30% of 19 stocks.

  From a performance point of view, based on the median increase in net profit, the 8 stocks have a net profit increase of more than 100% in 2019. Chengmai Technology, China Information, and Xuanji Information rank among the top three in net profit growth, respectively, 945%, 802.

69% and 527.

1%, the latest financing balance of the 3 shares is 58%, 33% over the previous four weeks.03% and 105.


Lushang Development’s median net profit and profit growth in 2019 reached 100%, and the latest financing surplus increased by 115 as compared with the surrounding area.

39%; the latest financing balance of medical equipment stock Lanfan Medical increased by nearly 120% compared with the surrounding area.

  From the perspective of market performance in January, the average increase of the above 19 stocks exceeded 30%. Lianyungang, Hengyi Petrochemical, Mingyang Intelligent rose less than 2%; Jingfang Technology, Chengmai Technology, Lansi Technology rose more than 50%, of which MingYang Smart’s median net profit increase in 2019 is more than 55%, and it has gradually increased by only 1 since January this year.

95%, the company’s subsidiary Zhongshan Dehua Chip Technology Co., Ltd. has chip-related products, which are mainly used in the field of aerospace power systems, space solar cells and semiconductor optoelectronic devices.

Jingfang Technology has been doubling since January. The company started with CMOS image sensor wafer-level packaging technology, and is the main CMOS packaging supplier in the Apple industry chain, providing packaging services for large CMOS manufacturers such as Sony and Howe.

  It is worth mentioning that in addition to Mingyang Smart and Jingfang Technology, there are 6 shares belonging to technology stocks, including 5G concept stocks Bomin Electronics, Sega Technology, etc., Huawei concept stocks China Information, Jesse Technology, LansiTechnology and chip localization concept shares Chengmai Technology.

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