[How to fry carrots]_Vegetable carrots

[How to fry carrots]_Vegetable carrots

Carrots are very good ingredients. The carotene contained in them is very good for human health. There are many ways to eat carrots, but they are fried directly. There are many ways to fry carrots. Today we recommend everyone to make vegetarian carrots.The specific method is as follows: First, the method of frying carrots 1 slice the carrots 2 and then shred 3 the green peppers shred 4 add the appropriate amount of oil in the pot, add carrots 5 and green peppers, add the appropriate amount of salt and season 6 to serve.Ready-to-cook recipes Fresh carrots contain carotene1.

About 67mg, which is 5 higher than tomatoes?
7 times, digested and decomposed into vitamin A after consumption, promote children’s growth and other functions, converted into calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, eat two carrots a day, reduce blood cholesterol by 10%?

Second, the practice of vegetarian fried carrots Step 1 Shred carrots and green peppers.

2 Douchi chopped, chopped green onions and spare.

3 Heat oil in a wok and stir-fry chives and tempeh.

4 Add carrots and green peppers.

5 Add some cooking wine.

6 Add some soy sauce and stir well.

7 Finally, add some salt and stir well.

Third, vegetarian fried carrots / more methods Carrots contain a large amount of carotene, the molecular structure of this carotene is equivalent to 2 molecules of vitamin A. After entering the body, it undergoes the action of enzymes in the liver and small intestinal mucosa, 50% of which becomesInto vitamin A, it has the effect of nourishing the liver. Carrots with more than oil are more conducive to the absorption of carotene.


Carrots are shredded, using the thinnest part of the wiper, so stir fry for a period of time and easy to chew 2.

Because there is only one carrot, a few slices of green onion are enough.

Beat the eggs and stir-fry. 4.

Pour oil in wok and stir-fry with green onion 5.

Stir-fry the shredded carrots and sprinkle with salt 6.

Add the scrambled eggs 7.

Put the pan out and eat. Red carrot oil. Tips for your son’s mouth. If you like crispy, you can cut the carrots by hand.