“I want to force you to get used to。”Talking,Hugged her from behind,She was surprised,She moved forward quickly,Said:“Let’s go to work。correct,You have to help me send the dog back。”

Jiang Fan lowered his head,Said:“It feels the same as a pot of cold water。”
Ding Yi looked back at him and smiled。
Jiang Fan said:“I’ll take it to your sister-in-law。obedient,You have to leave more time for me,Adapt to me。Say again,After you go,Puppy at home alone,It will feel boring,You did lose weight,The time I saw it in the provincial capital,It’s like a snowball,It’s totally different now。Even though your sister-in-law also works,But she and the child are going home at noon,So it won’t be too lonely。”
Ding Yi said:“Ha ha,My nephew was arguing for it,Say life is boring,Grandpa is gone,Puppy is gone,Grandma is gone,Dad doesn’t come back often,I can’t see my aunt。”
Jiang Fan said immediately:“Do you see?such,Let it be with me today,You come back to me at night,I’ll go send it with you again。”
“That won’t work。”Ding Yi said:“I can put it in my house,If you put it in a strange place,It will feel abandoned,And no one takes care of it。”
“I can let the soldiers take it。”Jiang Fan said。
“Even worse。”Ding Yi said firmly:“It can’t eat anything,Let’s talk about cleaning……No way,Or i still listen to you,Send sister-in-law there first,Close to her here,Will be farther back to my house,The road is not easy。”
Jiang Fan immediately agreed,Said:“Row,Let’s hurry up,Send puppy first,Then eat。”
“I won’t eat with you,Go to work after sending the puppy,Leave me alone。”Ding Yi said。
“That won’t work,I must start and end well。”Jiang Fan immediately objected。
Jiang Fan put some shower gel on himself,Wiped her some more,Help her wash from top to bottom,Wash and wash,He stopped,Took her in his arms,Said:“Really don’t want to leave you。”
Ding Yi said:“You are now responsible to your voters,Work hard,Don’t indulge in……”Ding Yi stopped talking。
“What to indulge in?”Jiang Fan asked。