Shen Zhiyue blinked twice,Can we check the favorability score now??

Although Shen Zhiyue thinks that Lu Shanshan is mediocre in the circle,However, there is always a bonus item that can break all skills in the circle.,That’s audience fate。If an artist is not outstanding,As long as there is an audience,Then win。
Lu Shanshan’s neighboring home,Not as prominent as her sister Lu Ling,Such a woman doesn’t shine in the showbiz,But it won’t go wrong。
Shen Zhiyue smiled,To those present:“Thanks for your support,I didn’t expect to meet my fans,I don’t know which drama your parents like?”
The man said:“I forgot what drama I called,But I remember you played a villain in it,To grab a girlfriend and husband,My parents almost smashed the TV while watching the show。”
Shen Zhiyue’s smile is a bit stiff,Unexpectedly, this eldest brother’s parents have an unusual aesthetic,Actually like villains……
The man said again:“But my parents say you look good,Looks good and cute,It will be red in the future。”
Shen Zhiyue thought in his heart,Xiaohong depends on money,Big red by life,But whether Lu Shanshan has this life or not,He will also hold her。
This group of people usually don’t have the chance to meet female artists,It’s rare to see Shen Zhiyue this time,Keep asking questions。
Shen Zhiyue answered truthfully。
“Miss Lu,Are you making money as celebrities?,I heard that making a TV series can earn 100 million。”
Shen Zhiyue smiles:“There is such a person,But it’s only a super star to get this money。General artists are the same as ordinary white-collar workers,It’s only a few thousand in a month,There are tens of thousands of better ones。”
“Miss Lu,I like it very muchxxActress,Can you help me get her signature?”