She meant to say,Don’t look at Mo Xiaosheng and Shou Qing’s superior medical skills,But her second uncle’s disease may not be cured,That’s why she invited so many people over。

When everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but wonder,Curious about what kind of disease the second old man of the Du family got。
“Madame Du,Actually, the world is strange,It’s all because of the problem with the five elements of the meridian,Just find the lesion,Find the root cause,Actually very good!”
Shou Qing holds his head up,Said quite proudly。
“Yes,Madame Du,Since your second old man is sick,,Then find the right person,My father is the ancestor of treating strange diseases!”
Shouxin is also holding his chest,Bragging for his father in a stern tone。
“This is true,China Traditional Chinese Medicine,The best cure for strange disease,Is old!”
“That is,The Shou Family’s Tai Su Mai Jue was not built,The pulse is good,The natural disease will be cured!”
“In front of Shou Lao,We don’t dare,We should just follow along and join in the fun,Mrs. Du, good wine and food, entertain,It’s not worth it!”
A bunch of people on the table around immediately started flattering,But they are telling the truth,The most difficult part of this strange disease is to confirm the source of the disease,And want to confirm the source of the disease,You need a good pulse。
This is why Shouqing is in the treatment of intractable diseases,Looking at the reason why the entire China is unmatched。
“I don’t know much about Chinese medicine in China,I didn’t expect Shou Lao to be so accomplished in the treatment of intractable diseases.,My second uncle’s disease,This time I’m relying on longevity!”
Madam Du suddenly smiled upon hearing everyone’s words,I feel my second uncle is saved this time。
“Hey,Madame Du,The difference!”
Shou Qing waved his hand,Mo Xiaosheng glanced aside,Said with a smile,“If i’m a few years younger,It’s okay to say something boastful,But now I’m getting old,Dizzy,Capacity has also declined,I’m afraid I can’t beat these young people,You should pin all your hopes on a rising star like President Mo!”
Shouxin sneered coldly,Looking at Mo Xiaosheng with contempt,Suddenly I seem to have an idea,Brighten up,Stand up hurriedly,Chongmo Xiaosheng said,“Hey,President Mo,I have long heard that your medical skills are extraordinary,Today is fate,Do you dare to compare with my father?!”
“Ok……Shouxin’s idea is not bad!”