“LookLPLThis year is no chance to win the finals.,pity。”

From the end of the self,He picked up his coat placed on a chair.。
After the jacket is pulled,His figure also returned into the crowd of Chuanxuan’s endless。
Since this semi-final is over so fast,So, the rest of today can certainly can’t waste it.。
Whether it is training,still isrankAlso,Palace clear Wen wants to do。
Regret than the taste failure,He prefer the perfect ending。
to this end,Strive is the most basic thing you need.。
Chapter 160 BP
“Dear friends,Welcome toS8League of Legends Global Finals,Semi-finalFNCContrastIGIn the game。I explain it.。”
“I am an explanation of 凯。”
“I explain ZJ Yuan。”
Three people have been introduced in turn,This extends the topic to both sides of this game.。
“This game,IGThe opponent isG2,They can be said to be the biggest black http://www.zhaoshangzhitongche.cn horse in this year.。”
After the saying words,Wei Kai is busy。
“Yes,As a round of all the way,They come to the semi-final stage,Absolutely afford this famous head。”
“and,They are just in the eight games,by3Compare2The score was eliminated by the biggest popularity of this world.RNG,They are never the opponent you can be underestimated。”
With the Cai Calence,The two teams players also slowly from the forehead of the stage,I took it to my seat.。
Hosting the roaring emperor is at this time,Ready to start。
“But ourIG,It is also not possible to be understood.。”
It seems to be preparatory,Remember to introduce it in the twoG2Later,Also started to the audience in front of the screen,Introduce itIGThe record so far。
“BeLPLNo. 2 seed,IGStarting from the group,I didn’t taste the defeat.。Even in the faceLECNo. 1 seedFNCTime,IGIt is also a game with http://www.fjhcd.cn absolute advantage.。”
Haokai nodded,“Yes,IGIt is also,The only team that maintains a winning record in this world。”
InS8Official live broadcast,The barrage has already begun to scroll。
“I suddenly remembered a thing,What start from the group,Is it5:0NSFNC?”
“So much……It seems that it is true.。”
“5:0FNCNS?What is it strong enough?,IG!”
“Anyway5Compare0,I am also on me.。”
“I really didn’t pay attention to this matter.,IGIt’s really fierce this year.。”
“I am a mother.,yesterdayEDGWhen I lost, I was still sad.。”
“Unnecessary brother,Yesterday, I didn’t want everyone to know the end.。”
And over time,The game is also officially entered.BPStage in the stage。
Blue squareIGFirst handbanPosition,Give the hero of the big head。
This hero,YesG2The only life of the road,G2ofADCYesHjarnan,This player routineADCPlay very common。
It’s really general,The kind of far below this World World World World。
but,His big head,It can be said that it is superior hero.,Basically, just take it out,Lowering is at least a balance。