“Chen Xingyi。”

Chen Xingyi, with his head down, suddenly heard Director Zhao call his name,Some accident,I quickly re-managed my expression,Just raised his head,Looking at the head coach with a confused look:“what?”
“Obviously, the South China Sea team in the second half will continue to fight back.,When we attack, we often face their dense defense。I ask you,Be more daring to break through when you get the ball in the second half,Try not to pass the ball if you can break through,Did you hear?”
Chen Xingyi was a little surprised,He stayed for two seconds before he straightened up abruptly,Speak loudly:“Understand,Zhao Gui!”
Hu Lai also straightened his upper body and pointed to himself and asked Zhao Kangming:“Na Zhao,And me?Do i have any special tasks?”
Zhao Kangming glanced at him:“You,Just kick normally。”
“Fine……”Hu Lai shrank back。
After the start of the second half,As expected by Zhao Kangming,After the equalizer, the South China Sea team did not take the opportunity to rush forward,But to continue their tactics after losing the ball in the first half。
Defensive counterattack。
This is the home of Shining Star after all,This tactic is also reasonable and reasonable for the away Nanhai team.。
And they still tasted the sweetness from this tactic。