Like gongs and drums、Cymbals、lute、Guzheng etc.。

And the band just played like this,The sonorous voice gradually changed from weak to strong。
at the same time,Behind the screen,The same information of the song emerged。
《Chinese Kung Fu》。
Song type:Original。
singer:Zhao Changshou。
Word writer:Lu Xiaofeng。
Composer:Lu Xiaofeng。
Arrangement:Lu Xiaofeng。
There was another gasp of surprise in the venue。
Lan Kai glanced at Han Donger unconsciously,I really admire this girl in my heart。
Teacher Lu Xiaofeng really belongs to your family!!
Zhao Changshou puts on a martial arts zama step pose,The music node just arrived。
He punches and kicks slowly,Sing slowly。
“Lying like a bow,Standing like a pine,Sit like a clock without shaking,Walking with a gust of wind。”
“Male chauvinism and the north leg,Shaolin Wudang Gong,Tai Chi Bagua Lianhuan Palm,China has magic!”
These two songs,Although Zhao Changshou sang word by word,But no one would think he was procrastinating,Instead, it’s the strength contained in the lyrics,And his martial arts pose attracted。
Followed by,Zhao Changshou suddenly speeded up his punching and kicking。
Then a few young male and female backing singers,Also speeds up singing,Sing this paragraph again。
In the original,This was originally the singer himself continued to sing,But considering that Zhao Changshou has65Years old,Sing fast song while speeding up punching,It’s really embarrassing,Besides, there will be his singing later,So Shen Huan chose this passage to let him rest。