“Doctor Joe,It’s not that i don’t help you,But this does not meet the rules。”Zhong Fan looked embarrassed,Sneer,To make you believe in your demented husband,I’ll kill your dad for a while,How do you cry。

“This big brother,Life is close,Hope you will be considerate。”Mo Xiaosheng said to the blue mask politely。
“polite?I’m polite to you,Just let you come in and have a look,I’m pushing my nose on my face,Can you cure it, just cure it,Do you know how much we have to be involved??”The blue mask said impatiently,Raised his hand,Motioned for Mo Xiaosheng to get out,Then he stood in front of Jod,Keep Mo Xiaosheng away。
Mo Xiaosheng looked at the time,Seeing that the effect of the anesthetic on the old man’s body is about to expire,Patience means again:“The doctor brother,I know Dean Qi Ming Qing Qi,Trouble you to make it easy。”
“Don’t talk nonsense with me,Rules are rules,Don’t say you know Dean Qi,I tell you,Dean Qi is here,Also useless!”
He doesn’t know Mo Xiaosheng,I thought that the acquaintance Mo Xiaosheng said was just meeting their dean,That’s why he speaks so unscrupulously。
He didn’t forget to glance at Zhong Fan after he finished,Zhong Fan gave him an approving look。
“is it?It’s useless even if I come?!”
Who knew there was a low voice suddenly outside the door,Then I saw Qi Mingqing walk in with a calm face。
“hospital……Dean?!”The blue mask was shocked。
Zhong Fan was also taken aback when he saw the dean,I don’t know why the dean came here in person。
“Rules are rules?Are rules more important than human life??!”Qi Mingqing gave the blue mask a cold look,Full of anger,“Being dragged by you again,I’m afraid it’s going to kill you?!”
Blue mask face pale,Stubbornly speechless,Glanced at Zhong Fan。
“Dean,You can talk about his question later,Now the patient matters。”Zhong Fan looked at the blue mask and wanted to confess him,Hurried over to wake up Qi Mingqing。
Qi Mingqing nodded,Reach out,What should Mo Xiaosheng do?,Then he called a group of medical staff out,Just leave Qiao Yiyi and Mo Xiaosheng here。