The two arrived in the Soul Guidance Device System test area in turn……

Looking at the man standing next to Fan Yu,There is a bit of doubt in the eyes of Huo Yuhao and Qianyu……
Huo Yuhao can only feel that this man is strong,But Qianyu can be sure that his spirit power level has reached the Super Douluo level.!
Fan Yu gave Shaozhe a look,Then some nasty introductions“Qianyu,Yuhao,This is the dean of the Martial Spirit Department,Yan Shaozhe!”
Huo Yuhao took the lead“Dean Yan!”
Qianyu Leng Leng Road“Dean!”
Yan Shaozhe smiled“Huo Yuhao,Qianyu,You two little guys are really unique students in the outer courtyard”
Praised“Especially Qianyu,fourth grade,Soul power level reached Soul Sage,And also an eighth-level soul teacher!Even the entire continent shouldn’t be able to find a child with a stronger talent than you”
Can be the next moment,His face became extremely cold,Cold voice“but,I must remind you,This time to the Sun Moon Empire,Whether you learned something or not,Must return in three years,otherwise,The whole continent will have no place!”
A terrifying coercion burst from Yan Shaozhe to Qianyu……
Qianyu’s eyes are cold,“Dean,you are at,Threaten me?”
next moment,A terrifying coercion comparable to Yan Shaozhe also rushed away……
“Buzzing……”After the two coercion collided,Set off a gust of wind……
Fan Yu frowned“Dean Yan,Isn’t it right for you?”
Yan Shaozhe heard the words,Suddenly laughed,Took back his coercion,Smiled again“Hahaha,well,Qianyu,Your strength is even faintly approaching me!I believe that the future will definitely become the pillar of our Shrek Academy,Even join the members of Poseidon Pavilion”
Qianyu is still cold“Thanks for the praise”
Fan Yu glared at Yan Shaozhe,“Dean Yan,You’re done talking nonsense,You can take Qianyu and Yuhao to the Sun Moon Empire!”
Yan Shaozhe couldn’t help but stunned him,“Fan Yu,They are not in a hurry,What are you anxious?”