“Security guard?”

Wang Xiaolong and Guo Li are all,了 了 了,But the two people are flashing in the eyes of the two.。
Pass a few words,Summer is easy to guess,This is called Wang Xiaolong’s youth,I definitely like to pass Luo Qianjin when I go to college.。
These are not thick,This situation is too common in the university.。
The old classmate http://www.dinghlj.cn now meets,Everyone has their own life and growth trajectory,Although the summer captured the joy in Wang Xiaolong’s eyes,I have never worried。
As for the contemin of her girlfriend Guo Lee,,I will not be relieved.。
After this time,Maybe I will meet in my life.,Not necessarily。
The other party seems to be easy to let them。
After chatting, after a few words,Both people have time to eat together,Luo Qianjin is ready to leave,I didn’t expect Guo Li asked first.。
“Miss Luo,Are you going to work in Qinghai??”
“Yes。”Luo Qianjin’s 眉 不 不 蹙 蹙 蹙 蹙,Soon stretch,“I and summer in a company。”
“Wow,A company?,Doesn’t others not gossip??”
Guo Li’s expression is very exaggerated,How to make more fake,“Huh,Sorry,I lost my attacked,I am thinking,Since Miss Luo and Mr. Xia are in the same company,Mr. Xia is security http://www.allallyes.cn guard,Miss Luo is definitely the company’s high level……”
She itself is working at Qianfan Group Headquarters,Bare, there is some taste,Can see,Luo Qianjin Dress Up Simple,Expecial expensive。
Such woman,Not a good family,Is earning money。
Women are born to have a comparison,Since the love of Wang Xiaolong has become a couple,How can she hear from the other?。
And Luo Qianjin this name,Up to。
Still,Well-learning,Good character,The main thing is still a long-growing doll face。
I haven’t seen it before.,What have she says?。
I have seen it now.,The other party is a look,Still fitting,All aspects are so perfect,How many times more than yourself,The heart is not coming。
Summer is cheap,Another small security guard……She doesn’t mind, I will ridicule。
Luo Qianjin’s pretty face slightly,Just talk,But see the summer laughter,“Others have indeed gossip,But I’m not in the meaning.。”
Paused,He is proud,Have a proud。
“They are, I am a little white face.,That is envious of me,Saying a thousand gold packs,That is awkward。Be right,I am a small white face by a thousand gold.,Hum,Let them envy and hate it.。”
It’s not amazing.。
This sentence is like a language bomb http://www.lygfk.cn suddenly exploded.,The fried Wang Xiaolong face is wrong,The fried Guo Lichi stunned。
The fried rocket gold tempting small mouth micro,Two beautiful can’t be strong,A ghost expression。
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First1298Chapter Apartysome
Bacheled little white face。
Wang Xiaolong and Guo Liwan did not expect,Summer is like this……Horiate。
And a proud expression。
What is the proud of being hired?。