Summer figure is broken。

Broken into a day of blood。
Nangong brightly grasped,A whole body,The insurance is planted。
“I……”He forced adjustment center,No more,Sudden storm,Qi blood vomiting blood。
Because,Sorrow,I found that the summer has arrived outside.。
“Good!Small hybrid,Grandpa see what you have?,Get on the ground,If you don’t grab you,Grandpa is with your surname!”
He urged the real yuan of pounds,Dropped with the fastest speed。
Three start,A chase。
Gradually,Nangong Liang again draws the distance。
He has already moved anger!The eyes of the summer are getting more and more bright.。
Because,Tiger Mountain is already looking at。
Previously chasing the way,He has contacted Zhou Wei and Nanyou,Made a series of arrangements。
Just let him return to Tiger Mountain,Can escape from birth。
And he will send each other a big gift!“Boy,What else do you have?,Make it out,Grandpa has spent today.!”
South Palace is bright in front of the summer,Face 狰狞 distortion,“If I was caught,Let you worship for three hundred years,Take your two souls become a beggar,Also let you have a grandfather making this world.……”Summer is not affordable,What is the use of these nonsense?。
Front,Tiger Mountain is getting closer and closer。
rear,South Palace is getting closer and closer。
“call out!”
“call out!”
The speed of the two people leaving only two faint vhaosions in the sky.。
Nangong bright hands again,At the same time, we will play the twelve energy,The huge mind glances on each other。
“Give me death!”
He single arm,A grasp of torn,Quick。
“Hool”Just at this time,Summer behind,A rotation。
A sleek sleek。
Step by step。
Bang!Appear,Strong momentum fluctuations open。
The sudden scene of the sudden appearance makes the Nangong bright。
The breath fluctuations from this film show,Always is also the late god。
“Where is this strong?……”Nonely thinking about thinking,The coming people have rushing,Foot fall,The air is fried。
Wan as a magist of a black steel cast,It’s a horrified,Like a giant collision。
“啵啵 啵啵。”