“The little girl has a bad memory,When the fairy comes again,Zhitian chanting,Two white meteors fell into the Wuming Mountain,One in the northeast,One in the southwest,According to the shape of the head of the suppressed old devil,One behind its head,One on its left neck,I waited to find out,This should be part of the defense。”

“correct,correct,Really mentioned two meteors,Say then,This huge head is also real?We are in people’s minds?”Shen Yingjie blushed and stuck out tongue,Feeling sweating behind the spine,I just suspected,Now that I sit down, there is always a kind http://www.chadegushi.cn of inexplicable fear。
The old man nodded slightly,Continue,“In fact, the two meteors are two gods outside the sky,Lord Li never said,I don’t know,Remember earlier,I’m waiting for a stroll in the mountains,I also looked for directions to see,Just two big rocks ten feet high,Can emit fluorescence at night,Nothing happened for several years,I gradually forgot,I’m used to seeing you even passing by。Master Li ran to the one to the northeast,Nearest,Is to wake up the gods。”
“He has this ability?”
“There should be an explanation in the small bag that the fairy gave him before leaving,I guessed that way anyway。At that time, the black meteorite had been resurrected,Grow hands and feet,Humanoid,The big mouth of this thing is like a melting pot,Suddenly bowed his head and waited for me to spray,Full of hot lava,Not miserable,At that time, more than a dozen brothers were killed in flames,I was so scared and ran away,The courageous shot two arrows at it,But how can I hurt it。
“But this demon didn’t chase us,Instead, they danced around a meteorite next to them,The old man guessed that this thing was also awakening its companions,I waited to hide from a peek,as expected,Not long before,The rock next to the monster also started to sway,And gradually changed the color,From black to dark purple,Finally turned into cyan,This monster also began to grow hands, feet and head,Soon it became a monster with more than ten legs,It looks like a donkey and like a horse,Scary。
“I didn’t know what other people thought,I’m not afraid of being old,To stay here is to die,Killed by a monster is also dead,Better off,So I shouted and rushed forward,Just at this time,There was a deafening crack in the northeast corner,Then came the extremely dazzling white light up into the sky,Tremor,A tall silver giant running with a huge sword,Lord Li finally awakened the gods!”
“Silver giant,Did the old man say Jia Chou?”Li Tianzhen was excited。
“Who is Jia Chou?”The old man looked blank,Tilted his head and thought for a long time,Suddenly reacted,“Oh,You call it Jiachou?Is the one who fought you in the cave,Yes,He is a http://www.simier-shop.cn god,Unfortunately……”
“What a pity?”
“It’s a pity that the two gods were seriously injured,Can’t recover until now。”
That’s it,Li Tianzhi also shouted a pity,With his shallow cultivation base, the demigod can be hit hard、Silver armored samurai in the realm of true gods,Even with the blessing of a peerless magic weapon like a leaf knife, it is also incredible,Turned out to be injured,The second god will be Jiakui。
“Let’s listen to the old man,At that time, the gods will fight with the demon who is surrounded by flames,I can’t wait to help,One after another, meteorites turned into demons and joined the battle group to besiege the god,They are all gods with magical power,Landslide,Stars dim。
“I can’t get close,Had to find a hiding place,At this moment, four meteorites have turned into demons.,God will not support,Retreat,At this moment, another god will be awakened in the southwest http://www.dealex.cn corner of the mountain,This god will be more powerful,Volley,Rushed to the scene in just two steps,Two gods will fight side by side,Immediately restore the momentum of retreat,But it’s just a short time,Another meteorite turned into a devil,Join the battle group one after another,Two gods will not support again。”