Men’s kidney deficiency is not impotence, everything is OK

Men’s kidney deficiency is not impotence, everything is OK

I always hear many male friends say that they are “kidney deficiency”.

I’m tired today.

“; Stayed up late yesterday,” kidney deficiency!

“. But do you really know” kidney “?

Is everything as long as the kidney is weak?

  The “kidney” of traditional Chinese medicine is different from that of western medicine. The kidney that western medicine talks about is the anatomical kidney and its urinary function.

  The understanding of TCM is different. The TCM understanding of the physiology and pathology of the kidneys is not the local part of the renal pelvis.

The kidney referred to by Chinese medicine involves urinary, reproductive, endocrine, central nervous and blood system aspects of modern medicine.

  The “kidney” function of traditional Chinese medicine is not simple. The kidneys mainly contain essence, and they mainly grow and reproduce.

As soon as a person is born, he is tall and short, well-developed, reproductive, and sexually functioning, all related to the kidneys.

The kidney of traditional Chinese medicine is a system. It does not only refer to the long waist on your body. Growth, development, and reproduction are not all functions of the waist.

  Second, the main kidney water, urine production and excretion, this is the same as Western medicine.

A person frequently urinates and his prostate is not good. Traditional Chinese medicine often starts with the kidneys.

  Thirdly, the kidneys are mainly energized. Just now the lungs are mainly entrained. Now when it comes to the kidneys are mainly entrained, a person always feels that asthma is not enough. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidneys are deficient. It is possible to treat kidney diseases by tonifying the kidneys.

This is the theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

  Fourth, the kidney is bone, a person with osteoporosis, traditional Chinese medicine conditioning from the kidney, the most common cause of hair loss, gray hair is kidney deficiency.

The kidneys open to the ears. Some 60-year-old ears are silent, and some 80 are deaf. They don’t have deaf eyes and don’t spend flowers. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that this person’s kidney qi is strong and that person’s kidney qi is weak.

  Kidney deficiency is not simple. There is a difference between yang deficiency and yin deficiency. Many people say “aphrodisiac” as soon as they say “kidney deficiency”. However, in traditional Chinese medicine theory, kidney deficiency includes kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency.Patients, not only will not get better, but will add fuel to the fire, and make up more and more deficiency.

  The difference between kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency is that if the kidney yin is a material deficiency, the kidney yang is a lack of function, the lack of material is the waist and knees, and the hair is dizzy.Premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, and five upset fevers, insomnia, upset, Chinese medicine have yin deficiency and internal heat, yang deficiency and cold outside, if the kidney yin deficiency appears in the elderly, it is easy to lose hair or whitish earlier.Tinnitus, back of the ears, loose teeth, dazzling are earlier, so this is kidney yin deficiency, which generally occurs more frequently in young and middle-aged people.

There are some symptoms of kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency. For example, the waist and knees are weak and the limbs are weak, but the kidney yang deficiency is more functional and the so-called limbs are not warm. The one is five upsets. This is hands and feet.Hair is cold, and the complexion is prone to some yellow and white chills and cold. If young and middle-aged people have decreased sexual desire and impotence, people often feel a sense of tiredness because they are functional and more reflected in this aspect.