Kidney nourishment is equally important to women

Kidney nourishment is equally important to women

Case 1: I always want to go to the bathroom. Condition analysis: Generally, one of the most obvious features of women’s frequent urination is “less quantity and more times.”

Chinese medicine believes that when physical fitness declines, kidney qi appears to be deficient, the bladder will show weakness in gasification, and the kidneys will not close, just like the door is not tightly closed, so urinary frequency and incontinence will occur.

  Note: Keep warm, eat more foods specifically for kidney, such as wolfberry, yam, leek, mutton, dog meat, walnut kernel, etc.

If frequent urination occurs and the volume of urine is large, such as 24-hour urine volume of more than 2500 ml, we must be alert to the possibility of diabetes.

In addition, mental factors may also cause frequent urination.

  Case 2: Hair is becoming scarce. Analysis of the condition: After 25 years of age, the female begins to gradually decline.

Traditional Chinese medicine says that “kidney is the main water and its bloom is in the hair”, and the function of the kidney is shown in the hair.

Hair is pliable and shiny, indicating kidney health.

People with kidney deficiency often have brittle hair and lack luster, and are prone to exfoliation.

  Corrective measures: Eat more kidney-friendly foods. For example, yam is a good tonic food. It can both invigorate and invigorate yin, and you can also cook Chinese wolfberry mutton soup to invigorate kidney qi.

In addition, 8 hours of sleep a day is also very important. At the same time, drink less alcohol, eat less spicy food and strong coffee, strong tea and other irritating foods.

  Case 3: There is always a panda eye condition that is ashamed to show people: In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, black represents kidneys, and black circles around the eyes indicate kidney deficiency.

Kidney is the main water, kidney deficiency is the body’s poor water metabolism, resulting in edema, usually the eyelid is first discovered.

  Corrective measures: stay up late, drink less water before going to bed; often eat peach kernel sesame paste: 30 grams of peach kernel, 50 grams of black sesame, 15 grams of southern almond, 25 grams of barley kernels, 30 grams of rock sugar.

Wash the first 4 herbs, put them into the casserole, add the right amount of water, cook for 2 hours with simmering heat, season with rock sugar, and drink the soup.

  Case 4: Fear of cold and easy diarrhea Condition analysis: Kidney-yang is the root of yang-qi in the whole body, and life activities are all inspired by yang-qi.

  Corrective measures: you can participate in more fitness exercises to accelerate blood circulation and enhance cold resistance; you should choose lamb, dog meat, beef, leek, pepper, green onion, ginger, longan and other foods to supplement kidney yang in your daily diet.

  Case 5: Unexpected obesity condition analysis: Chinese medicine believes that the basic cause of obesity is phlegm, wetness, stagnation, and furthermore, it is because of kidney qi deficiency that causes women to gain weight.

  Corrective measures: After rubbing the palms of both hands, place them on the waist respectively, until you feel hot, several times in the morning and evening, to replenish kidney qi.

In addition, eat more duck, goose, rabbit meat, like carp, previous rice, glutinous rice, millet, jujube and other Qi foods should also eat more.

  Case 6: Insomnia. Counting sheep in bed every day. Condition analysis: Deficiency of kidney and yin are disturbed by fire, which makes people irritable; Disorder of heart and kidney causes insomnia and forgetfulness.

Kidney yin deficiency may occur after nervousness, excessive intercourse, or after eating a lot of warm and dry food.

  Corrective measures: Reduce nerve-exciting activities at night, such as talking about things, listening to nervous and exciting programs, and not doing posture exercises.

In addition, you can eat more duck, turtle, coriander, lotus seeds, lilies, medlars, fungus, grapes, mulberries and other foods in your diet.

  Case 7: Why is it so difficult to be a mother? Condition analysis: Deficiency of the kidney is enough to make a person’s sexual desire low, and it can make you not a mother.

Because Chinese medicine believes that the kidney hides essence, the female reproductive system is gradually matured under the care of essence.

If the kidney essence is insufficient, it will reduce sexual desire and even affect fertility.

  Corrective measures: Chinese medicine believes that the foot is the place where the human body’s turbid air is reduced, and it is often rubbed to improve kidney and kidney and prevent premature aging. Women with a make-up plan can take Chinese medicine for kidney kidney under the guidance of professionals.

  Case 8: Irregular menstruation is a common condition analysis: Chinese medicine believes that the fullness of kidney qi can reconcile qi and blood, and the normal function of red pulse and any pulse can make the menstrual cycle circulate normally.

  Corrective measures: If the amount of menstruation is small and light, you can often eat red dates.

In winter, it can be taken with ginseng powder and gelatin plaster, and it is especially important to maintain a happy mood.