Do not sleep alternative anti-insomnia

“Do not sleep” alternative anti-insomnia

Nearly a quarter of the world suffers from insomnia, and 10% of people in China still have sleep disorders.
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“But it is the best way to solve insomnia. This method does not apply to the “night owl” type of insomnia, because he has not yet gone to sleep!
“Do not sleep,” is to tell yourself that you can’t sleep without sleep.
銆€銆€The specific approach is: 1.
Go to bed when I want to sleep.
Within 10 to 15 minutes, don’t fall asleep, get out of bed immediately, read a book or watch TV, read some books that are easy to pick up and easy to put down, read some easy-to-understand articles, such as short stories, comedy stories, orThe stories you liked when you were a child.
Or write down the thoughts that you can’t stop in your mind. If you don’t sleep, don’t stop. If you can’t fall asleep after going to bed again, then get out of bed and concentrate on doing the same thing.
Regardless of how you sleep at night, wake up the alarm clock on time in the morning.
You are not allowed to take a nap during the day, even if you are asleep, you must tell yourself that you can rest at night when you sleep.
銆€銆€Second, drink a cup of warm milk Calcium in milk is a calming substance.
Drinking a warm drink is a good habit to relax the body as if it were a reward at the end of the day.
銆€銆€Milk contains two hypnotic substances.
One is L-tryptophan, a raw material that promotes the synthesis of sleep serotonin. Because of the action of L-tryptophan, it is often only a cup of milk that can make people fall asleep.
The other is a peptide that regulates the physiological functions of the body. There are several kinds of “opioid peptides”. These substances can bind to the central nervous system or the terminal opioid peptide receptor, and exert an anesthetic-like analgesic effect similar to opium.Comfort, which helps to fall asleep and relieve fatigue without becoming addictive.
The hypnotic effect of milk on people with neurasthenia is especially obvious.
Therefore, you can drink a cup of warm milk before going to sleep.
銆€銆€Third, take a bath before going to bed. Take a bath before going to bed, so that the body can relax, because bathing can improve body temperature and make people sleepy.
Take a bath before going to bed to develop a habit.
銆€銆€However, pay attention to the following questions: 1. Water temperature is suitable for 37-40 degrees Celsius. If it exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, it will speed up the heartbeat and stimulate the sympathetic nerve, making people too excited and unable to fall asleep.
After bathing, the body temperature rose by 0.
5-1 degrees Celsius is good for deep sleep. If the body temperature rises above 2 degrees Celsius, it is not good for falling asleep.
銆€銆€2. Time It is advisable to soak for 20-30 minutes in warm water of 37-40 degrees Celsius.
People tend to fall asleep when the body temperature drops, and the body temperature will rise after bathing, so it is best to take a break after bathing, and then go to bed after the body temperature drops.
銆€銆€Fourth, before going to bed, you must be in a stable state. Before going to bed, keep your mood steady. Please put your worries aside for a while, don’t think about it, close your eyes and fall asleep.
銆€銆€Don’t think about it, there are things that can be left for discussion tomorrow.
Take a deep breath and listen to music or songs that are slow-paced and not exciting, so that the chaotic mood is alleviated with the rhythm of the music.
銆€銆€Focus: For people with rich imaginations People who fall asleep or have insomnia always have a expectation or worry before going to bed, expecting to fall asleep quickly, worrying that they are insomnia.
In fact, this is a bad suggestion, it is tantamount to repeating to myself, I have not fallen asleep.
銆€銆€The specific approach is: for this situation, let yourself do this kind of thing in this difficult time before going to bed – focus on letting the brain think about a problem.
The problem can be to conceive a long letter for someone, or to make up a long story, or to imagine walking in a favorite environment to capture your listening, smelling, touching, smelling,Visual experience and so on.
If you fall asleep unconsciously in the process, you can continue the imagination you did not finish the day before.
銆€銆€5, 1 hour before going to bed away from the TV, computer 1 hour before going to bed away from the TV, because the flashing light on the TV screen will make people nervous and affect sleep.
銆€銆€Using a computer before going to sleep may have an adverse effect on sleep.
Studies have shown that body temperature rises during daytime activities, while body temperature decreases during nighttime sleep.If the two temperature differences are large, it is easy to get deep sleep.

Those who are shallow in sleep are mostly those whose body temperature is not high during the day, the body temperature at night is not low, and the nerve temperature difference is small.

銆€銆€At 6 o’clock in the morning, the temperature of the brain will gradually rise, tend to ease in the afternoon, reach the highest point at dusk, and begin to fall two or three hours after the night, until the lowest point of the brain temperature on the day of the morning.

銆€銆€Before going to bed, intense exercise, using a computer, etc. can increase body temperature and destroy the law of body temperature changes.

In the process of using the computer, the bright display screen and the activities of the opening and closing program have strong stimulation to the eyes and nervous system, so that the body temperature is in a relatively high working state.

The temperature difference between the central nervous system and the night is small, and the quality of sleep is naturally poor.

Take a bath with warm water before going to bed, drink a cup of hot milk, you can alleviate the symptoms of poor sleep.