[How to make dried pho?]_ How to make _ How to make

[How to make dried pho?]_ How to make _ How to make

Pho is actually made of flour, but the flour it uses is made from rice flour. Pho is very delicious to eat, and there are many ways to do it. Different methods have different flavors becauseThe sauces they use are completely different. This kind of rice noodles are dried rice noodles before they are made. The dried rice noodles need 7 bubbles to be eaten. So how to make the dried rice noodles?

How to make dried noodles soft: 1. Prepare dried noodles.

2, soaked in cold water, add water to the pho.

It usually takes several hours.

3, soak in warm water, do not be too hot as above, usually a few minutes.

4. After soaking, simmer for a while, remove and add a little oil (anti-stick) for easy processing, about one minute.

The therapeutic value of dry river noodles: 1, energy supplement: containing glucose and sugar, can quickly provide energy for the body; 2, soothe the nerves and relieve troubles: it can supplement the glucose consumed by the brain, relieve fatigue and irritability caused by insufficient glucose supply in the brain, Dizziness, insomnia, sweating at night, attention to dispersal, forgetfulness, extreme thirst, correction, disorder, and even hallucinations; 3, detoxification: increase the activity of immune cells and eliminate harmful substances in the body.

Steps of dry fried noodles: 1. Soak the noodles in warm water for 15 minutes and cook for another minute.

(If you are cooking cold noodles, you can cook a little longer).

2. Remove the cooked pho, put a little oil, mix it, and prevent sticking.

3. Then fry the shredded pork and the dishes you want to add.

If the shredded beef is beef, it is recommended to add a little cumin and pepper to taste more fragrant.

Dishes are usually served with sprouts, but other dishes can also be used.

I put cabbage, carrots, Pleurotus eryngii, onion, fried pork and vegetables.

4. When stir-frying the noodles, make the raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, and oyster sauce in a ratio of about 4: 2: 1.

You can also add or subtract according to your own taste.

5. Add oil to the wok, add a little more than the cooking oil, add the shallots and fragrant, add the rice noodles, immediately add half the seasoning to stir fry quickly, and then add the remaining seasoning.

Add some salt and season with sesame oil or chili oil.

In fact, fried rice noodles is a process of mixing the seasonings and rice noodles, because rice noodles are more easily broken and they love sticky pans.

Fast fire is the key.