But the higher the reserve price,It means that the shipper is more optimistic about this stone。

Other industries in Myanmar may be very general,But these jade experts are absolutely amazing。
The inheritance of the experience of identifying and polishing jadeite accumulated over hundreds of years,So that many of their masters here,Have superb vision and skills。
For example, open windows,They came up with it at first。
They opened a small hole in the most likely part of the emerald,Let you see how good the performance here is。
I can see jade,The price must be much higher than the full bet。
original10Ten thousand euros,See a piece of jade the size of a coin,Can drive you to50Ten thousand euros to go。
You think you have already produced such a big jade,Good water,Good color,Even if it is one inch further down,Extend another inch around,That’s all prices skyrocketing!
And you bumped into it,Bought it at a high price,But I found out all the jadeites in this rough jade stone,That’s it,Just these places where the window is open。
No more than an inch, no more than an inch。
At that time I wanted to cry without tears。
Of course,It’s not that the bet has not risen,But compared to the gambling,It’s not a big proportion。
The whole Myanmar jade public plate,It’s up to these masters to open the window、Come dermabrasion、Price。
Can be determined in their hands2000Euro price,The overlord of this rough emerald stone,Must be exceptional。