Thinking,The copybook of Dong Qichang has changed。

Shen Huan’s surprise discovery,Not only the idea of calligraphy is directly increased,The whole rice paper has also changed continuously,Became sallow and simple。
The simple stamp at the end of the copybook,There have been some obvious changes。
At least with Shen Huan’s eyesight,It is completely different from the previous street goods,It feels a bit like the seal of Dong Qichang I saw on the Internet。
Shen Huan is now a master of calligraphy,He thinks so,That’s very reliable。
Soon,The change is complete。
Shen Huan held this copybook in his hand,Watching carefully。
If it’s not the change that happened in front of me,I’m afraid he can’t believe it,This is written by myself。
Although Shen Huan’s regular script is advanced,But it still lacks the accumulation of writing over the years,Lack of a momentum that has been trained all the year round。
So compared to the real people,The gap is still big。
But with the charm of Shen Yun(intermediate)s help,At least Shen Huan’s words are not too different from Dong Qichang。
Excited teenager,Next, Zhu Zhishan and Wen Zhengming’s copybooks used Shen Yun charms(intermediate)And seal,I also got the satisfactory result I wanted。
This is what God helps widows!
Shen Huan rolled up the three characters,Co-author the dozen or so copybooks I just wrote,Took out the door。
To mount these three characters individually,Maybe someone with a heart will remember。
If so many copybooks are mixed together,Then it won’t be very conspicuous。