Treat her,Monica’s face re-blooms smile,Come to the summer,“Summer,Are you coming to save me??”

Summer backwards in two steps,A disadvantage,“Misunderstand,I don’t know if you are here.。”
Such a expression falls in Monica,Time to become shame。
But this shame,Not really anger。
Because Monica is too familiar with this expression of the summer.。
When two people were together,In the summer, I often tease her in this face.。
At this moment, Monica does not have noise with the sacred girl.,Instead, if a little woman is generally,“You deliberately……”
Summer laughter,Not in ridicule,“She is not difficult for you.,Right,You are really hijacked here.?Your Guardian Knight??”
“How to guard the knight,Before I said with you?,I am sneaking Huaxia。”
Monica is not very angry.,一 气 气,“Not a hijacking,I was in the city of sin.,That woman sent people to invite me,So I came.,I didn’t expect this village to arrange your wonderful armor.,Come out。”
“Your courage is quite big.。”
“That is。”
Monica is proud,“I don’t believe she dares to take me.,Now she is against the guardian,If you kill me,Dark Parliament will never let go。”
Merely,What did she think of?,It has become true,“Summer,Don’t believe this woman,Her surface looks in the forefoot,But for the feeling of women,I dare to swear,She is absolutely unhappy。”
“I know。”
Summer smiled nodded,Not hidden,“She wants to cooperate with me.……If I guess a good thing,Not to deal with the Guardian Alliance,Instead, he will jointly deal with Jun Lin.。”
“Jun Lin?”
Monica pupil,“Then you……”
“Let’s talk about it.。”
Summer scorpion。
He is not a hand of people.。
Important,He is deep in the opponent’s eyes,I saw ambitious ambition。
Another side。yy1s
Cai Boss was called to the beautiful side。
“King,You are looking for me?”
Nodding,“Ask Zhang San,No action,If you have no action, give up,If it is successful,Also give up……”
Cai boss,Can’t help,“For……Why?King,Controlled Liu Qingqing,Even if you don’t promise, you have to promise.……”
Pendulum,“I have already paid enough attention to the summer.,But the strength he showed last night.,I think it is an underestimated him.。”