Nothing to do this afternoon,Xia Jian didn’t want to go out to play,Rest in bed。Such time is really not much for him,This one lay down and fell asleep in a daze。

I slept until dinner time,Or Ali came upstairs to call him,He just got up and went down for a meal。Although only two people eat,But Ali is still very rich。http://www.sxshengshi.cnBoth hot and cold,Also burnt a soup。
after dinner。Ali suddenly said to Xia Jian:“Shall we go out for a stroll?,It’s too early to go to bed anyway”
Xia Jian thought about it:“OK!Wherever you want to go,I’ll follow you”
Ali listen,Jumped up for joy。To know,Ali’s day is very tight。Besides doing housework, he has to cook,Even buying a dish is taking time out。Want to go out,One is no time,The second is to use her words,It’s not interesting to be alone。
Ali went back to the room for a while before she walked out。A Li in front of me makes Xia Jian’s eyes bright。The little girl dressed up,So pretty。
Long hair shawl,Black turtleneck sweater,Black skinny jeans,High riding boots。Outside is a dark green trench coat。
“Yo!A big beauty”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Ali is a little embarrassed,She pulled Xia Jian and said:“move!I can’t wait。Miss said tonight,She and Uncle Luo are not coming back,Let us do whatever”
A Li said this,I found out that I had speech problems while speaking,My face was flushed。Xia Jian saw it,Pretending not to know what to do。
Two people out of the villa,Stopped a car on the side of the road,Go straight to Haihong Plaza。Xia Jian has never been to this place,I know when I go,This is a shopping mall。
The entire square is full of shops selling clothes。Xia Jian followed Ali,All the way to see。Girls on such things,Never get tired,But Xia Jian can’t stand it。
Mad for two minutes,But Ali has nothing in her hand。Finally, at the urging of Xia Jian,Ali followed Xia Jian to the coffee shop on the roadside。
Although Ali is a babysitter,But she lives in a rich family,Can lead a high quality life。So drink coffee,Eating western food is for her,Very usual,No fuss。
Under the light,Ali shook the spoon in the coffee cup,She took a sip and said:“It’s great to go out shopping with you,I have never felt this way”
“When free,Come out and walk more”Xia Jian smiled and said。
Ali smiled and said:“I’m afraid I will be crazy when I come out,No one can control me by then”Ali said,Ha ha smile。
Through the glass window,Watching the beating neon lights。Xia Jian suddenly discovered,The opposite of the horse race turned out to be a disco,No wonder where all the young people go in,And there are many people。
“I’m not going to dance!”Ali suddenly said a little excited。