As for Xiao Lan,,Gaze,Look at the time,It’s even a murder in my eyes.。

“all in all,Since it is already here now,So these things,anyway,Let’s everyone,Still there is this necessary to avoid it。”
“Since now,They have already set up ideas to do this.,Let’s,I can only go out.。”
originally,Lead of Xiao Ling,I thought it can be easily solved.。
but now,Realism teaches him to make a man’s truth。
Xiao Lang is very clear,Now,Urgent,Still should be increased,Thoroughly solve these things,Is the key point of the problem。
Just fighting,This,Xiao Lan,Surroundings,The more you look, the more it feels.。
Start now,Since I have already set this idea to do this.。
So next,If necessary,In fact, it should still be completely exempted.。
if not,Anything else,In fact, it’s still a loss or they。
“Boss,We are very decent,Just out of them.。”
“These traitors are really amazing,Actually there will be a way to respond。”
“exactly,It is definitely the war temple gave them a certain support.,We want to completely solve this matter,Let’s,I can only find some way.!” This,With these people,You have said that I am talking here.。
obviously,These things are next,How to deal with it?。
actually,In Xiao Lang, it looks,His heart,It is quite clear。
“In short,Now that since I have already set this idea to do this.,So other things,Let’s everyone,Maybe there is no way to avoid。”
When Xiao Lan, he knew it.,The more like this,In fact, Xiao Lingran itself,It is a look that it is full of you.。
Although now,It’s so saying.。
But next,at this point,anyway,Still there is this necessary,It is necessary to solve it as soon as possible.。
And Xiao Ran’s side,Others see here,It is a nodes。
“Yes,Say something wrong,I also feel this.,Should be so。”
“have to say,These things are now,It has been fully placed,Let’s follow,Still starting with this direction。”
“This is an inevitable thing,So next,Let’s do everyone.,In fact, it is feasible.。”
“Although I don’t want to say this.,But now,I feel,Let’s everyone,It is necessary to do this!”
As you say in front of you,Xiao Lankang should have a total。
obviously,These things look,Itself is so。
But here,When Xiao Lan, he gave it to him.。
For now,How to deal with it?。
In fact, Xiao Lang looks like,Such a thing,In fact, it is still very clear.。
“all in all,What should I handle now?,I feel,Let’s everyone,Can be done!”
“So these things,In fact, it is still necessary to solve it as soon as possible.!”