“Why are you doing??

Xiao Li is not to say that you don’t let you drink??”
Under the light,Looking at Zhao Xiaoli’s pretty face,The concern of the god made Liu Dafu are also warm.。
“Hey-hey,Did you drink it too??
And if I don’t drink this wine,I am afraid that you are coming.,I can’t wait for you.。”
Say,Liu Dafu directly got up to Zhao Xiaoli,Then take the other side.。
Zhao Xiaoli is when he heard Liu Dafu,I have understood what I have to happen tonight.。
Feel the hot eyes of Liu Dafu,She also does not help but feel the body is softer.。
Soon the sound of Yan Yan again。
Li Hui returned to the orchard,Seeing Han Shanshan has packed up.,He is also directly riding a motorcycle, so Han Shanshan.。
When http://www.xiyueshan.cn Han Shanshan is close to his moment,The body in the opponent,Let him not help but feel the hot stomach is more strong。
The 423th chapter crushed
Han Shanshan did not pay attention to the change of Li Hui Feng,Directly across motorcycles,Then sit behind the motorcycle。
“Let it go,Let me pick up with me first.。”
“Um,it is done。”
Voice is just,Li Hui Hui directly fuel the door and slammed out。
Qin Su Ya saw that Li Huihe followed Han Shanshan left,Suddenly I feel some fear。
After all, this orchard is also a distance from the village.,The wilderness is not afraid of being fake.。
Before there was Han Shanshan to accompany,What she still didn’t feel?,Now two people are gone,She suddenly felt scared.。
For Qin Su Ya’s mood,Li Hui Feng did not know,He is now working hard to keep your mind awake,At the same time, silently speeding up the power。
I want to solve the wine you just drink.。
With the speed of motorcycles,The wind blowing in your face is also awake a wake up.。
But Han Shanshan can feel that Li Hui ride is very fast.。
After all, the black light is buried.,She feels still a bit better.。
“Lee,You slowly,Not so urgent。”
“Oh oh,I don’t feel very fast.。”
When talking to Han Shanshan,Li Hui has, I feel that my mind will always remember the scene with Xu Ruzhen.,Even some other ideas。
Especially Han Shanshan, a big beauty is behind him.,It’s just like a fire.,Slowly, he even wants Han Shanshan to ignite Han Shanshan.。
At the party committee,Look at the http://www.sister365.cn floor that has been turned off,Han Shanshan is also some fear。
And Li Hui is thinking quickly.,Flush,He feels that the body is fever,The idea in my mind is getting dangerous.。
“Lee,You go with me.,The top of that is more important to you.。”
“Hey-hey,Squad leader,You will not add me later, you will go up with you.。”
Li Huiyan opens the mobile phone flashlight photo,Looking at the surprised Han Shanshan。
“Lee,I will come back this time to help you.,Shu Xi Xi said that the county is going to discuss those things you mentioned before.,So I came back in the night.,You won’t think that I am lie to you.?”
“No,Let’s go,I am with you.。”
In the office,Han Shanshan directly opened the lights to find it,And Li Hui Feng is feeling that Han Shanshan’s back, you sway,So,The other party bent to find the picture,He http://www.ycsykyw.cn is thinking that Xu Ru is bent in front of him.。
“found it,found it,Lee,Are you OK?”