Norms of normal opposite sex

Norms of normal opposite sex

The interpersonal communication between human beings is the most psychologically attractive, and the most exciting, especially for adolescent men, is even more attractive.

  (1) The scope of communication is wide and not narrow.

Love is exclusive, while friendship is inclusive.

  (2) In the radial direction of communication, light but not deep.

The light relationship is to have no plans and to obtain, do not extravagant the other side to give too much emotion, nor seek a single deep relationship.

Because in the middle school years, all aspects are still deformed, and the understanding of things is still superficial, and they change their identity and change.

If the relationship is deep, once interrupted, it will cause great harm to yourself.

  (3) In the relationship, stay close.

Shu is to keep a certain distance between two people; not far away is to be friendly and easy-going, do not give people a feeling of pride and inaccessibility.

  (4) Perseverance in communication.

Striving, that is, communication can give people an impetus and positive motivation, and can promote one’s ambition, morality, and learning.

Decadent is decadence, that is, depression and indulgence.

  (5) When it comes to social relationships, be happy but not foolish.

Middle school students mostly choose good friends as the standard, but the mentality that needs to be grasped is: make friends and build healthy friendships, rather than make up for the “lover” infatuation.

  (6) On the object of communication, true and not false.

The so-called true is a true friend, and is associated with normal friendship; false is a false “friend”, using friendship as a tourist, and greed.

Therefore, we must learn to identify in communication, so as not to be deceived and endanger life.