CIC uses less,But it doesn’t mean I won’t!

The most practiced by Xu Xuan, except for three points, is CIC!
Looking back。
James responded with an iron-blooded cruel tomahawk hack,After the goal, the little emperor patted his chest continuously,Those fierce eyes seemed to tell Xu Xuan:Kid,My health bar and!
Xu Xuan is also happy,Because he doesn’t know if the Pacers can win tonight,But really,It is this unknown that makes basketball interesting。
Constantly approaching the difference between the two teams,James scored consecutive offenses,Forced the Pacers to call the first timeout of the fourth quarter。
After the pause,Two teams you come and me,You chase me,Kenny·Smith scored once in pickled pepper2+1I couldn’t help but sprayed a dirty word afterwards……
“We thought that the second round of the series would be the most classic of this series,But Charles,As old people often say,The wonderful is always at the end!”At the end of this game27In seconds,Kenny·Smith has stood up。
Barkley is already on the understanding table,“right now,It’s time to decide the fate of this series。”
Banker Life Arena,All the Pacers fans have stood up。
Cavaliers have the ball。
27second,The Cavaliers are no longer ready to attack,They are ready to consume time。