With this topic,Here is the video。

It looks like it’s almost half past nine,The girl who recently learned to keep fit,Packed things,Took a bath,Get into the bed,Comfortably entered the dream。
Wait till next morning,Wake up from sleep,Went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast like Pippi shrimp,Stayed for a while,Just opened the laptop。
Not unexpected,This video already has63Million reposts,Comments exceeded200More than ten thousand,Like also exceeded300Ten thousand。
And this video was also recommended by meager friends,Has become one of the top ten hottest today。
I like Pippi Shrimp and after looking at the results,I read the comments slowly。
“Shock!Shock!Isn’t Sister Xiaofeng a human??This kind of basketball can be played?”
“Ah ah ah,Sister Xiaofeng,I want you to sweat a jersey after playing basketball!!I buy it for as much!I want to wear it to sleep~~”
“The one upstairs is disgusting!Sister Xiaofeng,Come see my meager homepage,I am beauty.Female,And it’s in Lin’an!After the match,You can call me anytime~~No need to bathe,I like that smell~~”
“I don’t doubt that Sister Xiaofeng has been practicing basketball since childhood,Such a skilled technique,It can only be obtained through thousands of exercises!”
“For many yearsNBAFan experience,Shen Huan’s physique and ability,It’s safe to play a rotation player position。”
“Blow you,NBAIt’s that simple?Can Shen Huan fight?CBAAll problems!”
“Hahaha,This sand sculpture upstairs,CBAplayer of,In addition to foreign aid,There are a few who can dunk at will?Especially such a violent dunk,Can they do it?ifCBAThere are such players everywhere,We have already sweptNBAUp!”
“Just!Don’t talk nonsense without watching the ball,Sister Xiaofeng’s buckle is really amazing!”
“The one who stopped him,At least190Bar?It still looks like one hundred seventy to eighty catties,You can get robbed of the basketball and hit the fly,You can’t say they are weak,I can only say that Sister Xiaofeng is too strong!”
“Where’s the blogger?Yesterday’s game must be more than that?Put more videos out,So we can comment on Xiaofeng’s strength!”
The comment area can be described as a dance of demons,I like Pippi Shrimp and smile。
Although there are a lot of black powder in it,Or the kind of bad people who have a vengeful attitude towards society,But more of them are Shen Huan’s loyal fans。
Often the villains haven’t said much yet,I was so helpless by the fans。