“In that case,Then you go to work,Song Ge has nothing else。”Shen Mange waved,Let Director Chen go down,Only Shen Mange, Ai Chen and Director Liu are left in the office。

“Uncle Liu,You feel,Song song does this,right?”Shen Mange looked up at Director Liu and asked。
“Songs,I want Uncle Liu to say,You do,If it’s normal,It’s okay,But in this situation,The company is short of money,But you still bought their shares with money,I think something is wrong。”Director Liu sighed and said。
“Uncle Liu,If not this time,Do you think they would be willing to sell me the equity?I did it just fine。”Shen Mange was planning this a long time ago,No matter what the situation is now,She would choose to bring back the equity。
“but,Like this now,Originally, our Shen Group is the leading business in Jiangzhou City,but,Since Father Shen passed away,The Shen Group is going downhill,now,Was overtaken by the Su Group again,Our current development,It’s already obviously inferior to the Su Group。”Director Liu said。
“Oh okay,Let’s hold on to the company staff recently,Just tell them,The company’s funds have been settled,do not worry,As for the question of money,I’ll find a way。”Shen Mange frowned。
Finally considering the money issue,Yes,As Director Liu said,If it’s normal,May recover equity,Is the best plan,But now like this,She did,Maybe it’s really not right。
but,Now is the best time,Shen Mange didn’t feel that he did something wrong,As for the question of money,She figured it out,Really can’t do,Moreover。
Director Liu left the office,There are only Shen Mange and Ai Chen in the office。
“Ai Chen,You feel,I do,right?”Shen Mange sitting in a chair,Close your eyes and ask。
“General manager,Whether it’s right,You have done,The arrow has been shot,There is no turning back。”Ai Chen sorted out the files on the desk of Shen Mange。
“Let’s go,get ready,Let’s go see grandma in the company。”Shen Mange stand up,Almost fell,Recently,She is calculating these things,Never rested。
“General manager。”Ai Chen hurriedly helped Shen Mange。
“I’m fine,Maybe I haven’t rested,Let’s go,Go to the hospital,You stay with me。”Shen Mange is holding Ai Chen’s hand,The two left the office together。
Quite a few employees,I saw that Shen Mange was helped out by Ai Chen,Everyone is also guessing about the relationship between Shen Mange and Ai Chen。
“Ai Chen,You said i was like that just now,How did you do?”Sitting in the car,Shen Mange looked at Ai Chen in the driver’s seat and asked。
“General manager……”Ai Chen turned his face and glanced at Shen Mange。
“now,Everyone is also suspicious of our relationship,Naturally, no one will rest too much on the issue of company funds,Isn’t it pretty good?”Shen Mange’s mouth overflowed with a wry smile,If it’s not a last resort,How could she do this?