Wu Fang didn’t want to adjust his emotions、Active atmosphere,I want to leave after a few bites。Yesterday, the leaders of the base took it and scolded,He was so angry,But nowhere,Can only fart in the bed——For yourself。

“Report chief,Instructor Xu invites you and everyone to the second small hall。”A young orderly soldier walked quickly in front of Wu Fang,Reach out to salute,The voice is crisp and loud。
“what?!”This sentence not only made Wu Fang open his mouth,It also made everyone sitting round their eyes。All hurt like that bear,Still http://www.go-king.cn calling for war?
“and many more,Isn’t instructor Xu lying in the hospital??I went to see it last night。”Seeing the orderly soldiers turn around and leave,Shen Yingjie asked quickly。
“Instructor Xu is in the second hall now。”The orderly answer,Then salute,Turned away。
“The bones of this body are not made of meat?Dying?”Wu Fang whispered in his mouth,Seeing everyone leaving their seats,He also threw down the tableware and got up in a hurry。
Yesterday, Li Tianzhi and Xu Wen had a hand-to-hand battle that shocked their hearts,Also made a small sensation。When the two fight,There are many soldiers who just broke off on the windows around to watch,The daunting instructor Xu was beaten to the ground,All kinds of news spread all over the base officers and soldiers,Li Tianzhu has been described in several versions。
In addition to Wu Fang and http://www.syhaoda.cn others in the field have a new understanding of Li Tianyu’s sturdy combat power,I also have a strong interest in Xu Wen’s background and true identity,I’m afraid that except for Shen Yingjie,No one else knows。
Everyone came to the gate of the venue,Surprised again,I thought Xu Wen was the only one,Unexpectedly, Li Tianzhen, who should be lying on the hospital bed, is also there。Two of them on crutches,One holding a wooden stick is chatting,It’s totally different from yesterday’s battle。
I really answered the old saying that I don’t know each other,Li Tianzhen and Xu Wen had a tough fight,The relationship suddenly made a big turn of 180 degrees,Watching the two talking and laughing,Where can I imagine that I was still here yesterday?It’s just that the shape is really weird。
“Everyone is here。”Xu Wen, whose face is almost covered with gauze, looks very interested,Beckoning,“Come on,All come in,Don’t look at the door like a gorilla。”
“Leader Xu,Can you do this?”Zheng Xulai looked at Xu Wen, who was not standing well, worried.。
“nonsense,He can do it,I’m fine。”Xu Wen immediately became angry,It’s just that when the volume is increased, there is some running wind。
Li Tianzhen on the side doesn’t even care,No sound。Seeing everyone’s confusion,Xu Wen no longer sells Guanzi,“I won’t fight today,Just say something。Prior declaration,I haven’t discussed with Leader Wu,Just what I think,Let’s discuss if there is a problem。But it must be strictly confidential。Xiao Zheng,Close the door。”
Suddenly Xu Wen talked,But Zheng Xulai didn’t dare to hesitate,Hurriedly trot and closed the door of the http://www.wxruilimr.cn second hall。
“Except Tao Meng,we‘Ranger’People are in。Oh,Brother Tianzhu is temporarily counted as a supernumerary。“Xu Wen look at Li Tianzhi,Continue,”I think so,Before the group is established,We must first solve everyone’s worries,So five days off,Everyone goes back to deal with housework,Or rest。