“Oh,Brother Lieshan and Brother Jinchi,This is not a place to talk。。。Although I control the magic circle, they can’t see us,But let’s talk in the castle。”

Wright looked at the master of the 豸蛌 controlling the magic circle,A hole is opened between the golden and blue lines,The owner of the 豸蛌 flew in first。
The three of them entered a room like a living room。
The master manipulating the magic circle,A secret wave comes out,In a short while, a beautiful woman with an enchanting figure gave a few bottles of wine。But under Wright’s spiritual knowledge,This beauty is not a real life,It’s a mechanical body
Looking at Wright’s eyes,The owner of Zhenyu said:“This is a non-combat puppet,If Lieshan likes,I http://www.zowdoors.cn will send you directly。”
“That’s not necessary!”Wright said with a smile,“Master Zing,I speak more directly,Just said。I came here today to seek a treasure!”
“treasure?”A smile from the corner of his mouth,He is not afraid that Wright will not speak。Wright does not speak,He naturally can’t get involved,Wright said,Want him,This friendship is naturally there。
“Brother Lieshan,Tell me about the treasure,I have to pull on the golden wings brother!”
“I’m leading the way for Brother Lieshan,Has nothing to do with me。”The Golden Winged Darkwalker raised his glass。
“Then I said,I heard that there is a treasure that can change the breath in the hands of Master Zhiqi!”
Master Zhenyu heard this,I couldn’t help but change my face。
“Brother Lieshan used to‘Concealed Leaf’Coming!”The voice of the owner of Zhenyu has become much colder:“This‘Concealed Leaf’It’s not an ordinary treasure。
“I know!”Lai nodded,At the same time, a wave of divine power rippled,Faintly blocking the surrounding energy,Even the master of the 豸蛌 secretly manipulates the magic circle,But found that the magic circle became obscure and difficult to control,And the Golden Winged Darkwalker on the side is also a little discolored:“This treasure can change the breath of practitioners in the legend,Even if you meet an acquaintance, you can’t recognize it。Of course such a precious treasure,It shouldn’t be made by Master Zinyu himself.!”
“indeed,This is a treasure I got by accident。”The owner of Zhenqi also nodded:“Such an important treasure,Brother Lieshan thinks I’ll make it easy?”
“Not easy to shoot doesn’t mean that you won’t shoot!”Wright said with a smile:“take it easy,Master Qiang is looking forward to staying in this snowy castle,I don’t think I can use this treasure,Why not sell it at a good price?!”
Seeing that Wright didn’t mean to do it,The owner of the 豸蛌 breathed a sigh of relief:“If the price is right,This is not unnegotiable。”
Wright smiled slightly,Reach right hand,A translucent,A bracelet with red, yellow, and green colors flowing inside:“What treasure is this,Master Qiqi should know http://www.zhaoshangzhitongche.cn you。”
The eyes of the owner of the 豸蛌 light up:“Can you show me?”
Lei Feature nods,The bracelet flies directly to the owner of the 豸蛌。