Summer chatting with him for a moment,Let him explore the drops of Jinao。

“I have been staring at him.。”
Thunder biting teeth,Laugh,“The night of the day you have,He left Suzhou and Bai Shasha.,This guy is not simple,I can’t find their drops.,But the boss you are hospitalized for half a month,They returned to Su Hang,Then I sent someone staring……”……Night。
Summer is coming to a villa community。
Look at night,Like ghosts, there is no sound。
Finally, it is standing behind a tree.,Looking far from a separate villa in front。
Villa surrounded by shadow,Obviously have bodyguards are patrolling,And many people。
Naturally can’t stop summer。
He took the opportunity to avoid bodyguards,Pan directly from the house back wall to the roof。
Poult,Subsequently, one of the rooms。
He went to an empty bed,Take out the space of White Salsa from the space。
Summer doesn’t plan to see Jin Airor。
This is not only given him a warning,Also giving him a chance to choose。
What is he doing?,That is the future.。
After completion,He quietly left this place.。
only,Just just left the villa community,Suddenly stopped the foot,A pair of eyes。
In front,A wearing black,Black man with black mask,Block the way。
“summer,You don’t have been abolished,Everyone is cheated by you。”
“who are you。”
“Hey,Do you think I will tell you??”
Black people’s hostility is very strong,“I guess,Although you are not abolished,But the strength definitely declined。”
Summer grinning,Baisen’s teeth reflect shiny,“You want to try?”
“Since I dare to appear,Just we have to quantize you.。”
Fall into the voice,Step forward,Leave a resilience,The speed is too fast。
A punch!No hurricane,There is no air bursting,A punch in the seemingly light fluttering,Very casual。
Summer is not bad。
This is the other party closed the gas machine,All strengths have agglomerated and compressed to a little。
He has no reason,The same punch。
Two punches,Dictionary is a skin bone day,But I sent out the sound of the golden iron。
Da da da。
Black man is back,Hang,“impossible!”
“Bamboo”Summer,Steady,Continuous jitter,Black man is still,But I don’t want to be saved by a knife.。
“puff”Blood is dripping down the mask,But the black man is not at all,But can’t believe in the summer。
“you,How can you become so strong?!”