“Yes,Adong to give up the troops,The transfer is back.。”

At this moment,Liu Qingqing is like a sentimental girl。
She is slightly hesitant.,Slowly reach out,Actively take the right arm of the summer。
But the summer is obviously sensible……Her whole fumed body is stretched straight。
but,Such a language,Such action,Falling in the eyes of http://www.owanbao.cn Li Qingshan,What makes him angry。
Li Qingjun next to it also came back。
then,She is like examining the prisoner, she is up and down, she is going to show the summer.,Exquisite。
“Wow,No bar,Clear sister。What ages have been,You also believe in love at first sight?”
She doesn’t add her mouth,“Clear sister,Don’t blame me for a lot of mouth,This man is really a road to people.,How can I match you?,How can I compare my brother?,You must be joking,right。”
Summer is still smiling,Lip corner,No angry look on your face。
As if the other party, it is like a prize.。
“hehe,If you have a child, please don’t care.。”
Li Qingshan deeply stared in summer,Slight smile,Reach,“Getting acquainted,Li Qingshan。”
Summer pulls the arm from Liu Qingqing,And reach out of the right hand,“Hello,My name is……”
Not finished,Suddenly stop。
Because,Li Qingshan actually took the right hand,Let summer hold a holiday。
not only that。
He reached a finger,Point on the left shoulders of the summer,The smile on the face is getting rich,Slowly,“I am not interested, know who you are,I just want to advise you.,It is best to get far away from the Qing Dynasty.,if not,I don’t even know how to die.,real,I am not threatening you.。”
Summer is back to the back of the finger,But there is still a smile between the look.,road,“I also give you an advice.,Those who have threatened me,Have died。”
Say,He looked to Liu Qingqing,“Clear,let’s go。”
After the end,Walking like an escapement。
Liu Qingqing has some indignant,I glaretd in Li Qingshan,Accelerate the footsteps。
obviously,Li Qingshan is deliberate,Being toned her attitude,Also deliberately despise summer。
Dictionary is to do it.。
Confused summer……In addition to lying,Just a soft egg。
It’s just that Jin Yu is actuated.。
Hate the same,Liu Qingqing is also a helpless。
Because I said with her before I http://www.chenjuncaiwu.cn girlfriends.,The other party’s brother……Bend。
If not,Willow clear character,It is impossible to make the other party to do your own temporary boyfriend.……Even if he is a good girlfriend’s brother。
“That silly is a species。”Looking at the figure of the two people,Li Qingyou,“elder brother,You still have a chance,Do not be discouraged。”
Li Qingshan’s scorpion flicked,It’s just a smile of your mouth.,“Who says I am discouraged?”
Toned,He waves hands,“Let it go,We also go。”